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  1. I got the same error installing office XP, on Ultimate x64. After a long night of troubleshooting I found that is was a rights issue. For some reason the Trusteruser (which I could not find anywhere) did not have rights to a few folders under the windows directory. (sorry for the vague description becasue this happend about a month ago and I dont remember the folder structure) UAC was not disabled. so I figured I would try the install using the Administer account. I created a password for it and enabled the account. I still got the errors. I then decided to try winblows update. There was 2 different patches that would not load because winblows didnt have right to some file under the /windows directory. So after another reboot. and logging in as Administrator I took controll of the directory, then added rights for administrator and my normal user account. Once that was done, update without a hitch, and Office XP installed and patched correctly. The irony here is that I had this exact problem a long time ago with Winblows 2000. I was trying to install some ODBC componet, and got a message that the Administrator account didnt have access to the MSI folder.

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