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  1. Hello,

    I have Dell vista home basic sp1 dvd which i got from dell along with my laptop,I come to know that by changing key in PID.TXT (which is in source folder) with another version oem key it install that version..

    coz vista have all versions in dvd just key decide which version to install...

    But when i tried to change PID.TXT key with the help of ultraiso i found 2 PID.TXT :blink:

    one in source folder and another in boot.wim...

    now can anyone tell me do i need to change keys in both PID.TXT or only in source folder's PID.TXT?

    and what if delete both PID.TXT?

    By deleting PID.TXT can i able to enter key during installtion? coz if this feature get enable i become able to choose any version of dell just by entering dell oem vista key... i.e.basic,premium,ultimate...

    please canany one help me...


  2. Hey mates

    I made my xp pro with sata/raid and all hotfixes,updates, ie7 and wmp11

    and its working fine too... only one problem i get is an error when installing new driver

    Files that are required for windows to run properly have beed replaced by unrecognized versions.to maintain system stability,windows must restore the original versions of these files.

    insert your windows xp professional service pack 2 cd now.

    Why this message comes and how to fix it?

    help me plz

  3. Hi mates

    I made an nlite slipstreamed xp and need to install from usb.

    I ve 2 GB Transcend usb drive and i wanna to install windows xp from USB.

    so i copied the xp image (not the files, may be this is the mistake) in usb...

    then change my bios priority to usb .

    But it wont boot or dont detect any bootable disk...

    am sure the image which i copied in usb is bootable coz i use it to install my xp but with cd....

    can any one help me . how to install windows or ubuntu from usb....

    while googling i found intall on usb not install from usb

    plz help

  4. You already asked for this here

    . Why don't you read? Nuhi said that Vista support dividing to CD's, but not XP so what you request is not possible.

    Hey mara

    this thread is a request not for asking help...

    i made this thread to know developer that we need it... and I request all the members who want split option in next nLite version... please leave a request here so that nuhi may include split option in next release...



    I found a s.w which can split os :) but it has bug :(

    here is the screenshot...

    so that u can believe that its possible and the size of the s.w is just 733 kb....



    Option to choose the size of image with drag down....


    error which i am getting when i press "create ISO image"

  5. Thanks for reply Kelsenellenelvian :)

    lemme me try ur suggested method and let u know the overcome



    I found a s.w which can split os :) but it has bug :(

    here is the screenshot...

    so that u can believe that its possible and the size of the s.w is just 733 kb.... :rolleyes:



    Option to choose the size of image with drag down....


    error which i am getting when i press "create ISO image"

  6. Hello sir

    First I would like to THNAKS for this wonderful software, which can be used by a noob for slipstream….

    Just a little knowledge and we can play with XP

    Coz of your wonderful software nLite . Its possible for us now….

    But sir I would like to suggest that please make an option in next version to split the ISO for cds too… like vLite has…

    Coz when we slipstream lots of hotfixes driver packs and softwares… The image size succeeded by 1-2 Gbs ….

    That huge file is easy to burn on DVD, but not on cd

    And lots of people still uses cd drive only….

    I tried winrar to split my iso Image which is about 2.0 Gb in 3 parts and burnt them in 3 cds….

    But I’m not able to install coz I’m not getting any message during installation like “insert the 2nd cd” to continue or such….

    I used vlite to slipstream my vista to run on 256 mb ram… vlite has option(split) to choose the image size during completion

    I know you are very busy in works and don’t have much time to reply me back , I can understand …

    But its my sincere request to you to please make an option in next version for split so that we can burn them on cds too.

    If possible please tell me how can I split 2.0 Gb in 3 parts so that can be burnt down on cds… with asking command “insert the 2nd cd” to continue or so…

    Or suggest some other software which can do the same…

    Thanking you

  7. Thanks a lot sir

    But can u tell me any software which can split the iso for cd....

    like i said earlier games DVD which are splited in different parts for cds has command (option) of "insert 2nd cd to continue"

    It would be nice if u make split option (like vlite has ) in next version of nlite

    thanking u

  8. Everyone who uses Sata/Raid face a problem during installation of xp .To reconize hdd we need to Press F6 for third party driver installation.But in some cases those who dont have Floppy drive or sometimes Floppy currupts (Floppy is not reliable anymore)Most people don’t have a USB floppy drive. So the alternative is to slipstream the drivers into an XP cd. This is a guide on how i went about doing it. Please note there are two guides here so please scroll down further till you reach the the word EDIT The second way is one which can be used for every laptop or desktop besides xi and besides fujitsu

    To start I would recommend that all drivers and information needed are backed up prior to attempting this (or burn them onto CD).

    (plz note I do not take responsibility for anyone who does this. You do this at your own risk)

    This is how I went about doing it.

    METHOD 1

    1. The software/hardware needed

    * Windows XP CD with service pack 2 (SP2)

    * nLite

    * Also a CD-Burner (and blank-Cds)

    * XP drivers for the hard drive

    2. Create the following Folders



    3: Preparing the Drivers

    Go to the Fujitsu Siemens Website and download the hard-drive driver dedicated for XP.

    If your having difficulty finding your drivers but know what it is i would recommend checking out www.driverpacks.net they have a huge database of drivers for MassStorage controllers (PATA, SATA, SCSI, RAID)

    Extract the ZIP file

    Then open up and go to “DriverDisk” and copy the items in that folder elsewhere (e.g. “C:\CDImages\Drivers\” )

    Then within the 'Drivers' folder go into ‘i386\NT5’ Folder and copy all the files except the txtsetup.oem (you will need the other txtsetup.oem file which is already in drivers folder)

    Paste it back in “C:\CDImages\Drivers\” and delete the folders in there

    So you should be left with this in your “C:\CDImages\Drivers\”:

    For those with Xa will have to go to the AMD folder instead



    In the section [DISKS] you will need to edit the driver directory listing. Hence this line:

    D-I386-NT5-RAID="VIA V-RAID Driver Diskette",\I386\VIAMRAID, \I386\NT5

    Needs to be changed into this:

    D-I386-NT5-RAID="VIA V-RAID Driver Diskette",\VIAMRAID.SYS, \

    And save the file:


    4.0: Creating the XP CD

    Using Nlite

    Follow the instructions given and copy the XP cd into C:\CDImages\XPCD

    Then skip the preset by pressing next…


    4.1 Task selection

    under task selection press drivers and bootable ISO…you will know that both have been selected as both will turn blue and click next:


    4.2 Drivers

    go to insert then single driver then when its asks you to choose any inf file go to c:\CDImages\Drivers and select the VIAMRAID file and click open. When you click 'open' another window called 'driver integration options' will open. Select “VIA- V-RAID Controller Series (Windows XP)” and then “Regular PNP driver” tab.


    Then click ok and it will revert back to the drivers windows and click next. It will ask you if you want to start the process then click yes.

    It will integrate the drivers:


    Once it is done then click next Then create an Image (ISO) of it and then mount (burn) that image onto CD. You can use nlite of nero or whatever tickles your fancy. I used nlite and it worked perfectly fine.


    Once you mounted (burnt it), label it and your good go. You have an XP cd with your drivers installed this time when you boot up it will detect your hard drive

    Hope this helps.

    METHOD 2

    This is an alternative method that will create an XP CD slipstreamed with a large number of 'Mass Storage Drivers..so this method could be attempted by anyone not just fujitsu users. I would suggest that prior to doing this you back up all the drivers that you will need on to CD. I would also suggest that you check that the drivers that are needed are in the list of drivers that come in with this package.

    Please note i do not take responsibility for this. Do this at your own risk

    1. Software/Hardware needed

    * NLite

    * DriverPack Mass Storage

    * DriverPacks BASE


    * Blank CD

    * Windows XP with service pack 2 (SP2)

    2. Create the following Folders




    3. Downloading DriverPack files

    Download DriverPacks BASE to C:\CDImages\DriversPack\

    extract it... you will get the following folders:


    Then download DriverPack MassStorage (have a look on the website as they update all packages they have there on a regular basis) to C:\CDImages\DriversPack\DriversPack\

    4. Copying the XP CD

    Using Nlite

    Follow the instructions given and copy the XP cd into C:\CDImages\XPCD

    5. Slipstreaming the drivers

    Leave Nlite open and now run the DPs_BASE application in C:\CDImages\DriversPack\

    Select your language and click apply then click next twice

    5.1 Select location of platform

    Click the browse button and set the loaction of the platform as C:\CDImages\XPCD\ you will know if

    it is right as it will tell you in the location section what Operating System it is :


    5.2 Select the DriverPacks to slipstream

    Select DriverPack MassStorage and tick the DriverPack MassStorage text mode and click next (>)

    5.3 Slipstream Method

    Select method 1 click next

    5.4 Choose the methods to start the finisher

    Select GUIRunOnce click next

    5.5 KTD

    Select Enable KTD for ALL slipstremaed DriverPacks

    and also select default under KTD cache location:


    click next

    5.6 QuickStream Cache

    select Enable QuickStream Cache

    Keep clicking next until you get to UdpateChecker. Make sure that the driverpack is up to date and then click next.

    Then at the final page click slipstream this process will take aroudn 30secs-3mins depending on your notebook and what your running in the background (one time it took 1min 30 sec and another time it took 33 secs )

    6.0 Back to nLite to create the CD

    After this go back to Nlite and click next until you get to Task Selection (here you can do what you want as in if you know how to use nlite)

    Click bootable ISO and click next

    Then create an image of the iso into C:\CDImages\ISO\

    Then after change the mode to burn image and Burn that image onto a blank CD. You will have a XP cd with a large collection of hard drive drivers...(just to make sure...when you have burnt the cd open it up and make sure a folder called $OEM$ is in the root)

    Now when booting up from the CD and going through the XP intial stages of it loading up things etc you wont need to push f6. Also note it will take a lot longer to load up the intial stages before choosing to install xp but if you look across the bottom you will see it will load up all the different MassStorage drivers (hopefully yours will be there and it will detect it. :)

  9. Hello mates

    I made a slipstreamed xp with nlite which is abt 2.5 gb

    ***why dont nlite have an option to split, like vlite has?***

    i want to burn it on cd in 3-4 parts ... but how??????

    if i use winrar or hjsplit it only split it in different parts but dont put any command in it like insert 2nd cd to continue and so on till the setup ends .

    I ve some games cd which are splited from dvd ...

    And while installting those games pc ask for 2nd cd (and so on) for furthur installation....

    I wanna know which s.w i can use to split dvd games or any exe files

    which insert the command that "insert 2nd cd or insert 3rd cd to continue"

    I dont have dvd writer and i don wanna buy it now too...

    thats y i need this help in spliting any os ,game or any file which is larger than 700 mbs

  10. i am unable to give this command . It show

    "RAID Slipstreamer x86 v4.0 Build 070920.exe" is not recognized as enternal or external command
    operable program or batch file

    after typing this command :(

    7) Open a command prompt and type the following (with quotes):

    "RAID Slipstreamer x86 v4.0 Build 070920.exe" /source c:\temp /os 2003 /PNPINI c:\pnp\raid.ini /DRVPATH c:\pnp\drivers /quick

    can i just use ur tool and give the path of my winxp copied files and it do the work?????

    suppose i ve copied my entire win xp to C:\winxp

    now in raid slipstreamer can i just enter C:\winxp and select win xp in right window and click process

    does this integrate the via raid driver???

    I tried it and i am able to see a file name $OEM$


    does ur raid splistreames has my driver or i have to add my drivers in raid folder??

    plz help ... I know am asking too many Questions

    sry to disturb u but plz help me

    Thanking u

  11. hey iTwins

    my setup says via***.sys could not be found. And setup is terminated.

    *** i forgot the exact name :(

    can u plz fix it?

    and yes after slipstream with ur raid tool, can i use N-lite? to integrate hotfixes?

    i wanna make a cd with latest hotfixes and my VIA RAID DRIVER inbuilt

    plz help me

  12. HI iTwins

    Thanks for this wonderfull s.w

    but am a new bie and don know much

    i ve a problem while installing xp :(

    i ve to press [F6] for third party installation otherwise my hdd wont get ditected:(

    so i tried with N-lite and integrate all my drivers with my floppy driver

    but again no luck :( i ve to press F6 to recognize my hdd but on the other hand all my other drivers which i intergrated are working fine

    like graphics card , sound card and mobo drivers

    but not able to recognize my VIA RAID DRIVER :(


    is dere any one to fix this issue :)

    am posting u my VIA RAID DRIVER (which i got from vendor in floppy)


    can u plz tell me where i ve to integrate those VIA RAID DRIVERS so that my pc recognize my hdd and i don need third party installation by flopy or pressing F6

    as u know floppy is not reliable and i don want it any more

    kindly guide me

    ur help wud be appreciated

    thanking u

  13. hi mates

    i wanna learn how i can split xp or vista to burn on cds

    coz i ve cd rom and i cant burn a dvd

    so any software or trick on how to split xp iso or vista?

    i ve made a xp with n-lite and put lots of addon in it... now its size reach to 1345 mbs

    so i ve to split them into parts to burn......... but how?

    means during installation a pop up come and ask me to insert 2 nd cd to continue... but how i do it?

    plz help me mates,,, its urgent

    thanking u

  14. Hello Almighty

    You can also make an inventory of the installed updates on your computer.

    So after it depends of your XP version. => OEM ? or other ?

    So You can copy the I386 folder to the root at the "%systemdrive%" C: , then use nlite to update this folder.

    So before you must download the updates with Windows Update Downloader by Jcarle that you will find in this forum

    So you can integrate them with nlite, in hotfixes category.


    thanx for kind attention my prob

    sir i wud like to know how to add my via raid driver which comes in floppy and i ve to press F6 during installation.,,

    sir i ve xp pro oem version

    and one more thing i am dial up user so i want to copy all my updates and hotfixes which i ve already by auto update

    i think sir u replied for my problem

    but am a newborn in these stuff so didnt get u

    i req u to plz give me detail info

    thanking u

  15. hello mates :)

    Its my first post to forum

    first of all i wud like to thanx all the staff members for giving space for asking our queries

    as i know lodz of forums but msfn win my heart in a glance

    frnds i need ur valuable suggestion regarding nlite with xp pro service pack 2

    i have AMD athlon 64 with MSI (k8mm-v) mobo

    when i install XP on my machine , i have to press F6 for third party install

    for SATA driver which comes in a FLOPPY

    and am fed up off by using flopy , sometime my flopy drive refuse to read flopy

    so i get lodz of trouble during xp installation

    anyway i came through this awesome s/w nlite

    i gon through the guides but not able to grasp :(

    can anyone tell me

    1. how to add SATA Driver which i have in flopy?

    2. how to add hotfixes and updates? i am talking abt the updates which my downloaded auto. and can be visible in ctrl panel,from where can i browse those hot fixes and updates?

    3. can i add software like flashget or nero? if ys how?

    4. what are addons?

    i know frnd i am asking so many Questions.but am not aware of these stuffs thats y am asking here

    ur king attention make me fly top of the world

    plz reply

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