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  1. Hi, Ok, thanks, but I actually got the entire project running with CD Shell, except for Acronis True Image 10, which I can either get to say something like "Boot error ..." or I can either get it to crash during it's own linux-based loader => has someone managed in some way to get it running ? Thanks.
  2. Hello all, While I'd hate to sound like a rookie (even though I know I will ), I read about half of the thread and did not find an answer to a rookie-like question. So, even though I do understand this is a how-to and not a tutorial and I do understand what isolinux actually does (and does not) and I do understand what a boot information for each ISO is and how can be extracted, I still can't understand (/find) how I would end up having a multi-boot DVD when starting with the following "baseline": - one ISO Acronis - one ISO Dell Diagnostics - one ISO Win XP SP2 (orig.) - one ISO Mandriva Spring 2007 - one ISO Win XP SP2 May 2007 (nLite for desktop) - one ISO Win XP SP2 Feb 2008 (nLite for laptop + Intel SCSI drivers)My main concern is the layout of the data on the final DVD (where does each ISO content need to go). I understand that pushing the ISO's (as mere files) on it won't actually work (would it ?), but do I need to extract the contents of each ISO in the DVD root for the setup of each one to function (especially the XP ones) ? This, as I understand it, would be quite tricky for me, as the 3 XP "distributions" I need to push there are quite different one from each other. So, does someone have some words for me around this ? Thanks.