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  1. aleni

    DivX, but no Gator

    do a google for nimo codec pack, it includes lots of good stuff including divx 5.02 SWEET CODECS
  2. aleni

    Windows Explorer

    how to open windows explorer in mycomputer trees, not in my docs or c: ?
  3. thanks, i got it from some chinese site, its wmp 8 beta 2, rip off of whistler. the appearance still using the old wmp 7.1 , but nevermind that.
  4. yo, mine is still saying Ultra DMA, while in XP, it says Ultra DMA Mode 5, 5 means ata 100, and 6 means ata 133 right? so whats up with the Ultra DMA in win2k? Ata 33
  5. can i download wmp8 for win2k seperately?
  6. 1. Windows XP 2. Winamp 3. mIRC 4. Winrar 5. Jasc paint Shop Pro 7 6. Adobe Photoshop 7.0 7. MS Office XP 8. Macromedia Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX 9. Counter-Strike 10. Power DVD 11. CuteFTP Pro 12. Kazaa Lite 13. Flash Get 14. Reg Cleaner 15. Norton Antivirus 2002 16. TweakUI for XP 17. ResHacker 18. Color Pad 19. Quick Notes 20. Opera Browser
  7. so final sp1 will be released at the end of the month? awesome!
  8. Nope, we don't it is free for discussion, but any kind of links or help in finding a crack/ cracking something is not tolerated... Welcome to the board by the way, please read our Forum Rules and also please take a look at this We hope you enjoy your stay By the way, do i know you from neowin? well, i was joking about the warez, crackz things, coz i have read the rules before registering an account here yeah im from neowin, and i love this forum's colors
  9. omg this forum supports warez? i love this
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