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  1. Hi Thx for sharing that solution. That's working perfectly for me. Just one thing I would like to get rid off is the dialog box at the end of the installation saying "Your computer is now regisrted to logmein.com....you can access it ...." Click OK Any idea ? Thx
  2. Silent Install of LogMein.msi

    Did you you use the -/qb switch on the end of the msiexec command? Hi Yes
  3. Silent Install of LogMein.msi

    Hi There I've done all what is written, and also drop the row DEPLOYID. The installation seems to going well. except that I still have the "DeployiD is not installed or has expired" windows at the end. Any Idea ? Another question in order to be sure : I'd like to install it on all my domain computers. Do I need to specify the USERPASSWORD=pcpassword USERVERIFYPWD=pcpassword as the computer is log onto a domain account ? Do I also need to modify 3i and 3ii lines ? Thanks a lot
  4. Hi there I ve got a problem. I've install 200 xp SP2 laptops Lenovo T60 with the lastest drivers. After some days, users tell us that they got problems with usb key which ask for admin right to install them, where it works on a XP desktop with the same user credential. After doing some test, i found that the Lenovo/intel driver for usb are craps. What i would like to do is to change all usb drivers on all my laptops silently. I must use the windows drivers instead of Lenovo. Is there a way to do that ? Thanks a lot for any help.
  5. Wifi Silent install

    I fund what you'r talking about. I'm testing it ! Thanks for your help.
  6. Wifi Silent install

    HI I explain my problem. I got 120 laptops (differents models) on which i must define a wlan, the same for all. It's a home wlan whith and identical ID and key. I don't want to do it manually on all laptops. Is there a way to define it by script, reg key... Any ideas will be helpful. I'm running on XP sp2 Fr + hotfixes Thanks