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  1. Update: new version, see first post & Big Thanks to 5eraph for helping me.
  2. Update: September Version: + KB938464 added + KB954156 added + KB951072 updated to v2 + added Mirror on Rapidshare Download see first post. greetz
  3. Hi, hier kannst du dich erstmal informieren, ist allerdings eine Lite bzw. Micro Version. Falls du Fragen hast wie man ein solches Pack erstellt benutze bitte das neue Forum, da das alte geschlossen wurde. gruß
  4. Update: * see first post complete redesign of the pack to fix some issues and optimization to the pack. Now Microsoft Update works, also updates for the Windows Update Agent and the latest Root Certificates. And sorry for not updating the pack since April, but i was very busy in business. I don't have forgotten my international friends, promise approvement for faster next releases So amuse with the new pack and give me some feedback. Thx.
  5. Windows 2003 Server Sp2 & R2 x64 updatepack Hi, i'm M_P_E from the German-WinLite community and made the Updatepacks for the german Windows 2003 Server x64 systems. Now i want to present you the EN-US version of this updatepack. And first, sorry for my broken english short description: this updatepack contains all critical hotfixes for a EN-US Windows 2003 Server x64 post SP2 (& R2). It only works in the Hotfix integration mode with nLite (tested ). ATTENTION: If you intend to use in nLite the Unattended Option then keep in mind as well to patch the SFC = Windows File Protection (locate in Options), otherwise you'll become some error messages relative to digital signature problems at installation. If you not intend to use Unattended Option then patching SFC isn't necessary. version: 04/19/2009 installation mode: directly substitution in AMD64\I386 folders description: contains all critical hotfixes for a EN-US version of Windows 2003 Server x64 (& R2) post SP2. The microsoft malicious removal tool self is not in this updatepack, but the registry keys will be set during installation, so MSRT in Windows Update will be shown not anymore. Additionally i included Microsoft Update Control, Windows Update Agent 3.0 x64 & the latest Root Certificates from Microsoft. The Internet Explorer 7/8 x64 and the updates for IE7/8 x64 are not in this package. contains following hotfixes: KB923561 KB924667-V2 KB925398 KB925902 KB926122 KB929123 KB930178 KB932168 KB933729 KB936357 KB936782 KB938127 KB941569 KB942288-V4 KB943055 KB943485 KB944338-V2 KB944653 KB945553 KB946026 KB948496 KB950762 KB950974 KB951066 KB951748 KB952004 KB952069 KB952954 KB954459 KB954600 KB955069 KB955839 KB956572 KB956802 KB956803 KB957097 KB958644 KB958655-V2 KB958687 KB958690 KB959426 KB960225 KB961118 KB961373 KB963027 KB967715 root certificates update from 02/24/2009 Windows Update Agent 3.0 x64 v7.2.6001.788 Microsoft Update Control x64 v7.2.6001.788 This Updatepack is available on the RyanVM Forums or WinCert Forums, so if you've some questions, require further information or require a download link, please check there.