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  1. Is no one else having problems slipstreaming these updates with the Windows installer crashing every time after txtsetup?
  2. I'm having the same issue with my vanilla Spanish XP SP2, using HFSLIP or nLite for the integration makes no difference; it hangs and reboots again and again with those "not enough memory..." or "write error..." messages Yup, those are the exact same messages I'm getting. Any ideas anyone?
  3. Hello, I downloaded all the updates and used both nLite to integrate them, and the batch script availabe online. Every time I try building the image, it goes through the text setup, but when it tries restarting to go into the graphic part, it crashes with different messages every time. Sometimes it says there is not enough memory to run something, other times it shows a different message. I can't see them because it quits too fast. I have been testing my cd one step at a time to try and isolate the issue, and I can gurantee that it is the updates. Other steps I have taken so far: 1) fully unattended install after text setup (works) 2) adding a user and disabling the admin account (works) That's about it. I started on an already slipstreamed CD. Any ideas?

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