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  1. I'd be happy about an answer if someone could help a little... Regards, Thilo
  2. Dear colleagues! It's a pity that german-nlite.de is out of order, but I can write in English, too... Well, I installed some systems the last times with NLite, and the system I installed before got all tweaks, for example with "my computer", and Notepad++ as substitute for notepad, and so on. Well, my old Thinkpad T 41P had to be installed new, because system was unstable, and I did it... But some thing went wrong, maybe the nlite preset file was corrupted or a little misset... Anyone knows why? Well, I added that other preset file, too, maybe you could see what's the problem. Thanks. Thilo Letzte_Session.ini Angelos_PC.ini
  3. Really no one knows how to install ATI Hydravision unattended? Thilo
  4. thanks, fine... well, If I want, the Net Framework will be put into the HFSVCPACK Folder... Like Agi said in German, there must be some other entry of file wrong in the HF-folder... therefore I added the Log-File, like being recommended... Thilo HFSLIP_LOG.txt
  5. Dear colleagues, thanks for your motivation... I cannot say really what the problem was, because now the problem got solved automatically, I killed my Nlite-partition by experimenting with mkbt.exe, and entered the wrong drive letter... then I had to place all data for new on my partition, and then it worked... seems as if some Addons and some other event caused to destroy some data, so that nothing went at all before... Thilo
  6. first of all, I deleted the framework files... When I put them into the HFSVCPACk-dir, must I put the patches as well in there? And what about the microsoft file? there's an entry in the TXTSetup.SIF which is called "microsoft , 1...", but I don't know what that microsoft file is for, and where I can get it.... Thilo
  7. Well, if Framework doesn't belong in there, where should I put it in? I had a link to a site where optional plugins etc. were described, but lost the link... Then I have to kill the patches as well, concerning framework... and what about the microsoft-file? when I delete the line with "microsoft" in TXTSetup.SIF, there won't be any error message any more. I still don't know what's that file good for... Thilo
  8. Hello Tomcat76 of course I can. Here you are: Original HFLIP-ped TXTSetup.SIF... TXTSETUP.zip
  9. Hi together! after HPFSLIP-ping, there's an error message I get during Windows 2000 Professional installation, during the text mode setup. when copying the files onto hard disk, W2K setup tells "file microsoft could not be found", I have to cancle that error message, and setup continues... That error messages happens as well when I click only at "unattended setup", and leave the other nlite options free... Thilo
  10. well, maybe I'll check for that problem another time, now I actually slipstreamed the sp4 files by the update-tool in the W2KSP4.exe-file, and then HFSLIP do the rest for another slipstreamings... By the way: Is there a chance to change all head lines from "HPFSLP" into "HFSLIP"? Thilo
  11. thanks to your answer, nuhi... the problem solved automatically, I used nlite 1.35 final, and 1.4 beta doesn't have that problem any more... for earlyer versions, there's one recommondation that you shouldn't use the any desktop tweaks concerning nlite and "Windows 2000". Regards, Thilo
  12. Hello. I'm looking for the parameters to automatic install of the ATI Hydravision tool. I couldn't find those at another place, the hints for recognizing the setup icon and then to see which parameters are right didn't work... Anyone knows how I can reach that unattended installation? thanks... Thilo
  13. Hi together! I am wondering why the icon "my computer" wasn't shown any more after my installation... Well, under Windows XP, there's a chance to prevent Windows from showing icons like "network neighbourhood" or "my computer". I know that there's a registry entry to prevent Windows 2000 from showing that icon on desktop, too, but I don't know the tweak entry to show "my computer" on my desktop. I manually entered the tweak "Desktop- show my computer" or "Desktop-Arbeitsplatz anzeigen", but I don't know if that helps... I believe that issue was asked already, but maybe I am a little too stupid to find that theme Thanks for your reply... Thilo P.S. Where is the place to enter the entries in the windows system so that those tweaks are working? I think most of them are a registry entry?
  14. Well, thanks for your German answer, Tomcat76... with my last comment, concerning CDROM?.TST, I meant the following: - CDROMSP3.TST oder CDROMSP4.TST should tell the actual version of the servicepack. - when manually slipstreaming SP4 onto/into my SP3-Windows 2000-Files, I meant by "update -s:Drive-letter:\directory", the MS-tool creates a CDROMSP4.TST, but CDROM3SP.TST still exists, was not deleted. that was a little unclear, I meant, with HFSLIP, no "CDROMSP4.TST" was created, but the reason why it didn't work could be the wrong filename like I supposed... look into the HFSLIP-script, the end of the first part doesn't matter: But apparently, there was no CDROMSP4.TST created by that script, I just checked it with the name "w2ksp4_de.exe" instead "w2ksp4.exe", whose names are both included in the HFSLIP-script by wildcard. Look here: Datentraeger in Laufwerk H: ist TEST-DATEN Volumeseriennummer: 4AF2-6843 Verzeichnis von H:\Windows\SOURCESS 08.07.2007 10:26 <DIR> . 08.07.2007 10:26 <DIR> .. 24.07.2002 14:00 <DIR> I386 24.07.2002 14:00 17.915 SPNOTES.HTM 24.07.2002 14:00 196.880 SETUP.EXE 24.07.2002 14:00 322.560 README.DOC 24.07.2002 14:00 19.253 READ1ST.TXT 24.07.2002 14:00 0 CDROMSP3.TST 24.07.2002 14:00 5 CDROM_NT.5 24.07.2002 14:00 5 CDROM_IP.5 24.07.2002 14:00 45 AUTORUN.INF 24.07.2002 14:00 <DIR> VALUEADD 24.07.2002 14:00 <DIR> SUPPORT 24.07.2002 14:00 <DIR> SETUPTXT 24.07.2002 14:00 <DIR> DISCOVER 24.07.2002 14:00 <DIR> BOOTDISK 08.07.2007 10:37 1.347 HFSLIP.LOG 08.07.2007 10:38 0 dir.txt 10 Datei(en) 558.010 Bytes 8 Verzeichnis(se), 3.487.227.904 Bytes frei a fresh "directory exctract" out of my main directory... Thilo
  15. But I used the newest HFSLIP 1.5, and there was only an "folders.cab" in the SVCPACK, and that should not be considered as "unclean" any more? Thilo

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