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  1. Using "mkisofs" instead of standard ISO-engine - the choice isn`t stored and has to set everytime manually.

    Edit: Made another run - everything is fine, choice is stored.


    [General]Language = DeutschCPriority = 2AdvTweaksNoCompatPopPath1 = W:\! XP-BEARBEITUNG_x32\XPCD-Test_1.4.9.3[ISO]ISO_engine = 1
  2. Not fixing nLite would be a shame, regardless how many people will continue using XP. If it starts taking too much of my time then I will drop the idea, but for now I am willing to try both.

    As XP will arrive at a "final" state in 2014, it would be a good idea to take nLite to a final version, too. THX nuhi for refreshing nLite again!

    Huh! Haven't seen g-force around for a while either. Nuhi, have you by chance hacked his account and are posting under both member names? :lol:

    Nuhi is back, and so am I. :yes:

  3. The cause for failed integration of your themes is your folder-structure.

    Every xxx.msstyles needs its own folder (mostly named like the style).

    It would be better and easier for you to install XP first as a working OS

    and then use nLite to get things work. You`ll be able to get the correct

    structure of the folders in XP, e.g. "%systemroot%\Resources\Themes".

    I always prefer to use the same Host-OS as the one to modify.

  4. I want to install 2 drivers, then dotnet 2.0, then other drivers, any hope for me?

    Is there any reason to do so?

    With nLite you integrate your drivers, they are available during XP-Setup.

    If you want to install them, you need to treat them like an "Unattended-Software-Installation".

    Edit: Double-Post here:

  5. Having your Hotfixes integrated will prevent you of spending lots of time AFTER XP-Install.

    And you don`t need to be online and do the same thinga again, again, ...again... , ag.......

    One-time-in-5-years-XP-Installers: Don`t mind about us, who install 5 times a day....

  6. agree with g-force

    Think this is a situation where some apps will continue and some will not, I've tried removing the /wait and turns into a nightmatre doing 20-30 apps. even on Seven 64 bit

    Agree - I use "setup.cmd" in some of my Silent-WinRAR-SFX (I usually install with this method).

    Some Setups won`t install (or stuck) without that "start /wait" because of false or "too fast" execution.

    I´m sure it makes a difference in a .cmd.

  7. When I open the IE browser using my "Run" program, everything works fine for browsing.

    However, if I go to View>Explorer Bars>History the bar opens with the History tab shown, but there is nothing there except a dropdown called "Search History".

    If I run the browser using the normal shortcuts there is a list of weeks and days there which allows me to see the history contents.

    That's what I don't understand. Why should running the browser two different ways produce different results?!

    It seems to make a diiference if you start "explorer.exe" from "system32" of using your program.

    Maybe your program "Run" adds some parameters, I don`t know.

    Search for "explorer.exe" on your system (there are different "shortcuts") and execute them by using your "Run".

  8. I´M not sure about that, cause this is a HKCU-Setting:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders]

    I replaced my current setting with "YourDrive\YourFolder".

    I´m on a german system, don`t know if I´m right about "My Documents = Eigene Dateien".

  9. Maybe I miss the point due to my poor english. That`s what I understand (written in a .cmd):

    1.) start /wait MySetup.exe ---> executes and waits until end of "MySetup.exe", then executes the next line

    2.) start MySetup.exe ---> executes "MySetup.exe", doesn`t wait and executes immediatly next line of the .cmd

    3.) no switch at all ---> same as 1.), because "wait" is set by default

    Please correct me if I`m wrong.

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