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  1. Hi xperts Does anyone know where in the registry this little piese of information is located? I have a script that installs an INTEL wireless control panel but I cant seem to figure out how to disable the XP wireless control panel which is nessery for the INTEL panel to work Or maybe some other work around to disable it.
  2. Hi there I have a problem and dont really know how to solve it. I have a WST370 from DELL with a RAID controller set to ACHI or something. When i386 have been rolled onto the machine and it starts the installation procedure Im met with an error. An error in a OEMDISK.C file on D drive. I understand this is some runtime error and does not say anything in specific about the error but Ive located the line which is causing the error and now I have some questions txtsetup.oem has a section [Default] and a variable scsi Currently it is like [Defaults] scsi = SYMMPI_32 But this produces an error that I cannot surcomvent by pressing a key. If it reads [Defaults] scsi = iaStor_ICH6R scsi = SYMMPI_32 it works but will my SYMMPI_32 controller just produce an error (unable to test) And last but not least if I completely abandon the section by ;[Defaults] ;scsi = iaStor_ICH6R ;scsi = SYMMPI_32 it produces an error but if I press a key it will continue normally. What is the deal with the Default section? Is it possible to have more than one scsi variables in it? It looks to me like you can only have one 3. party controller working perfectly at a time but Im having a hard time believing this. What am I doing wrong here? Edit Might clearify that SYMMPI is an adapter allready in our system. We are incoorperating the Intel (iaStor_ICH6R) adapter and having problems with that one.
  3. Id actually like to comment on my previous statement that it now works perfectly... it doesnt. Seconds after the setup is started and it shows the PRESS F6 TO INSTALL 3. PARTY DRIVERS it comes with a error. Something about an error in some OEMDISK.C file in line 2160 something. Why oh but why did my company have to invest in those stupid machines with the Intel® 82801FR controllers making my life a living HELL... god I hate it. Oh well if I push any key it will skip what ever it was doing and finish the installation and everything works fine afterwards. ¤¤#%""#¤%#¤&/##"!#¤!"¤&&/" I tell ya.
  4. WOW So I tried to put the drivers in even though I had no success manually loading them and they worked just fine. Added the lines i txtsetup.oem and added these lines to unattended.txt [MassStorageDrivers] Intel® 82801FR SATA AHCI Controller=OEM IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller=RETAIL [OEMBootFiles] TXTSETUP.OEM iastor.cat iastor.inf iastor.sys What a perfect job. Stupid driver/MS installation process
  5. Yeah. Might be a driver problem. I would just think that DELL would test them before putting them for download on their page. Im also going for putting them into the installation BUT one of the textmode guides here on the site said that it was a good idear to test the driver with the F6 methode before putting too much work into it. Darn thing
  6. Hi there Im in the process of testing the driver with the F6 key before slipstreaming them into our windows xp installation but Im having a problem. When I get to the point of actually loading the 3. party drivers I insert my floppy containing the driver and it lets me choose two different drivers. The Intel 82801ER SATA RAID Controller and the Intel 82801ER SATA AHCI Controller. If I choose one I get a bluescreen so I figure that I dont have that device. Choosing the other will first load the iastor.sys into memory I guess then it starts to check the disc and then it starts creating a list of files to be copied. This is where my problem accurres.. Then when it tries to copy iastor.sys from the location where it recently read it it cant. Setup cannot copy the file: iaStor.sys I find this odd. The file IS there it has just used it but now suddenly it cant copy it. What the devil is going on and have somebody else had this problem? Oh and the PC that Im working on is the DELL Precision 370 Workstation.
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