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  1. Yzöwl, Martin, you guys are a lifesaver! Huge thanks to you both!
  2. I like the way you make that execute immediately there, very nice. But putting everything in an $OEM$ folder causes it to be automatically copied to the harddisk. Any chance it could be made to reference the CD instead? I'd like to be able to (easily) install from CD, rather than copy to the harddisk. EDIT: Wait, that's only select $OEM$ sub-dirs that get copied, right? This may be easier than I thought...
  3. @Yzöwl: Perhaps I could have been clearer, but thanks for helping anyway! Didn't realize I had to be so literal with the 'start' command, but it works now! Thanks much! @Martin H: Doesn't appear to be enough of us Win2K/FDV'ers here... I already tried the approach you suggested, but the path for [sourceDisksNames] is relative to the script location. (Took me a while to figure that part out...) My inf is getting copied to %SystemRoot%\inf (accomplished by TXTSETUP.SIF with entry "runoncex.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0") before it actually installs, so it'll look there for cdrom_ip.5. It won't find it, but it'll assume that %1% = %SystemRoot%\inf\SOFTWARE. Which would cause all kinds of fun... Actually, now that I look at it again, I don't think I have to copy it to the inf's folder. I'm referencing Gosh's Guide, and I think I can point it to the CD correctly. More research required!
  4. Okay, I think I've got that problem solved. I added the following line to DetachedProgram line to the [GuiUnattended] section of WINNT.SIF: DetachedProgram = %SystemDrive%\runoncex.cmdI don't need quotes on that, do I? runoncex.cmd is a file I've added to TXTSETUP.SIF to copy to the system drive. Contents: @ECHO off FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\CDROM_IP.5 SET CDROM=%%i: IF EXIST %CDROM%\CDROM_IP.5 (ECHO Software = "%CDROM%\SOFTWARE" >> %SystemRoot%\inf\runoncex.inf) ELSE (COPY /Y %SystemDrive%\runoncex.nul %SystemRoot%\inf\runoncex.inf)If it doesn't locate the CD, it'll overwrite runoncex.inf file with runoncex.nul, which just contains registry modifications. Someone please tell me if you spot an error - I won't have this ready to test for some time. Here's my new problem. I know from Microsoft that Windows 2000 supports the "Start /wait [command]" script, but when I add it to RunOnceEx and test it, I get the "Cannot find file start (or one of its components)..." error message. If I launch "start /wait notepad" from the command prompt, it works as expected - notepad opens and the command prompt halts until notepad closes. How do I make this work with RunOnceEx? My brain hurts... EDIT: typo fix
  5. TXTSETUP.SIF Syntax

    Any idea if this is good for Windows 2000 too? And just to clarify, you ARE talking about the layout of TXTSETUP.SIF, yes? (Dumb question, but I'm seeing filenames and section names that I'm not familiar with.) EDIT: Question answered, both are yes.
  6. I apologize if this is a repeat thread, but I've come up with nothing related in my searches. First let me explain what I'm trying to do. I'm performing an unattended FDV install of Windows 2000. I'm using RunOnceEx to automatically install software before first user logon. I've added an INF to TXTSETUP.SIF which creates the RunOnceEx entries for installation. I'm installing the software from the same Windows CD. When textmode setup runs, it copies my INF to the harddrive. This way, RunOnceEx is executed at the 13min mark - before cmdlines.txt or svcpack.inf, and before first user logon. I believe that using TXTSETUP.SIF is the only way to make RunOnceEx happen before first logon. Why am I using an INF file to install? Windows 2000 doesn't natively support REG ADD commands, and I'd rather not introduce Windows XP binaries. I'm not using reg files because the CD drive may change depending on hardware, so I can't hard code that. I'd rather not use cmd files either, just too messy. INF's are much more elegant. But I'm running into a problem. My software is all located on the CD. How do I make an inf file residing on the harddisk point to the (correct) CD drive? The closest I've gotten is to write a script that detects the correct CD drive, and appends an entry to the INF under the [strings] section. Not a very good solution, but acceptible. Only thing is, it needs to run AFTER the inf is copied to the harddisk, but BEFORE the RunOnceEx registry entries are executed at T-13. How do I achieve that? Also, where would the inf installer be located at that time? Thanks in advance!
  7. Windows 2000 (all)

    Thanks! EDIT - You mean an FDV List for WUD?
  8. Windows 2000 (all)

    @ the_guy: You've got a hotfix listed under the FDV set as KB937413. It should be KB937143. @ everyone: I've done my research on this (both here and elsewhere on the net), and can't find any solid answers, so I'm asking you. For an FDV build of Win2K, do I need *only* the HF's listed in the FDV Fileset section? Or do I also need the ones listed above (sorted by month)? I ask because many HF's in that section are for IE Core issues, etc - which shouldn't really be needed for an FDV build. Help? EDIT - for clarity