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  1. Thanks. How do I enable virtual memory?
  2. It's only 3' through a wall into next room. And, the house is cat 5 cable wired. So, what's the answer to my question?
  3. Found an old pc in a closet I'd forgotten we had. Thought I'd put it to use in a kid's room. A problem, leading to my question is: discovered it has only a dial-up modem, no Ethernet. Is putting Ethernet connection in as simple as putting an Ethernet NIC card in an empty slot? Will that get it to where we can hook it to our hub/router?
  4. Running WinXP in Gateway pc with Outlook as email. When trying to open attachments in Outlook, I get the error message: "Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or Programs and try again". Closing various programs and combinations of programs at random doesn't prevent recurrence of this problem. I have 80gb free space on hard drive (if that bears on the problem). The workaround is to save the attachment to "My Documents", then open. That works OK, but is annoying to have to do. I am planning a RAM upgrade, separate and apart from this problem. However, I can see that additional RAM might fix this problem. Thoughts and ideas appreciated.

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