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  1. got a question about oemscan, Correct me if I am wrong, OEMscan matches the SLP identifier in the Bios to that in the ini file. If it matches then it copies the respective files over. Do i have to match the SLP indentifier word for word? Why is there a Gatewa & Gateway? If just ACER is used in the ini, then will oemscan match it to AcerSystem in the bios? thanks.
  2. have a couple of questions... Firstly, can a royalty key be used on more than 1 computer at any 1 time or microsoft will know? Secondly, does every royalty OEM discs ship with a different royalty key? or a certain batch have the same royalty key? Thirdly, How do you recgonize a royalty key from a COA key? is there any way to tell other then trying them all?? Finally, just to confirm, royalty cd keys are still product specific right ( Home/Pro/ WMC etc..) ? Thanks!

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