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  1. Excellent guide dexter.inside! I've spent quite a few hours going over these posts and have found them incredibly useful. Thanks for making this all available to the public! I've got a question for you regarding this whole process (which I'm still trying to wrap my head around). Is it possible to create an OEM installation of XP this way? I'm asking because I see you're using xImage, which you've said to be a longhorn thing. I wish I understood the process well enough to answer my own question, alas, I must ask the expert! In the end, what I'd like to have is a version of XP customized for my corporation, all up to date and with all the standard apps we use. I've used nLite to customize the installer as shown in section 1. All worked well, I have a half-customized iso of xp at this point. I'm on to the next section of creating the VM and adding all the other apps I'll need. At this point I'm a bit confused because the guide is obviously for Windows Home Server and I'm not working with that platform. If you have a few minutes could you straighten me out? Thanks in advance! -- edit -- Okay, I'm to section 2.2 - prepping the share. All good there. 2.3 is where I've stopped. I don't understand why I need to nLite the source and burn it again in 2.4.1, the reason being I chose to make the ISO at the end of step 1.5 as I dont need to add anything else at this point. (I don't think).