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  1. My situation. I am not running a 64 Windows Osys, will this help me - as this string is extensive please be specific to my issue and system configuration. Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo4-f (NEW) Processor: AMD Athlon X2 3800+ Dual Core (NEW) Memory: (2) Corsair CMX512-2700C2 Drives: (2) Seagate 160GB 8MB SATA HD (NEW) Video: ATI Radeon X1650 Pro 512Mb (NEW) Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS OP Sys: Windows XP Professional Version 2002 I am trying to setup a Raid of my two Seagate Drives on a fresh setup of Windows XP Professional. I setup my motherboard Bios as instructed – The only changes from the Optimized default were to change the Boot Sequence to CD/Floppy/Hard Drive, and to enable the SATA Raid. Upon restart the Bios did detect the Drives and prompted an “F10” to create the Raid array, which went perfectly as described. Upon the next restart the Windows XP Pro CD was detected and the installation began. The first screen prompted for “F6” to install the Raid Drivers. Per provided instruction the two Drivers were installed from the floppy created from the supplied ESI Motherboard CD without issue. The Windows installation continued, the Array was detected and I was prompted to Format the array, which I did. The Format proceeded through completion and the Windows installation re-continued loading various files to a point where I am again prompted for the very same Raid Drivers I installed from floppy earlier after hitting “F6”. This time Windows states it cannot copy the files even though the same Floppy is still in the Drive, the exact screen message reads “Cannot copy the file:nvraid.sys” (nvraid.sys being just one of the drivers loaded earlier, the same prompt appears for each of the drivers). Numerous attempts all end the same. Work arounds attempted: • I remove and install the Floppy numerous times. • I bypass the installation of the Drivers, which does allow for the completion of the Windows file copy process but ends with a Blue Screen of Death eventually. • The latest Drivers were obtained from the MSI website – no success. • Per Forum research, the drivers were attempted to be loaded twice, and after the prompt stating windows already had them they were loaded yet again – no success. • Also per forum research only the first Raid Driver was added without the Storage driver – no success. I have since successfully loaded my copy of Windows XP Pro without Raid. All components are found to be working status-quo after that installation indicating no Hardware issue. I have seen numerous discussions on this error searching the web for “cannot copy the file:”, some of which date back years. I cannot believe that Microsoft and Nvidia have not worked together and solved this issue, or that the multitude of knowledge out there has not found a sustained work around for it. As stated there has been some varying but spurious successes using the aforementioned methods, but not for all who have attempted them including myself. These are expensive items whether they be the Operating System or internal components, I expected quality but I now have a system that does not perform as expected.
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