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  1. Hello anyone! Is it possible to "update" Windows Server NT4 to get the windows updates automatically as in Windows 2003/XP where you get the Automatic updates tab on properties for My computer. Even better would be a solution where I redirects this to my WSUS-server where I have downloaded the patches. Cheers from "I have no time to search it"
  2. XPCreate and RIS

    Hi GM and you others! I have used XPCREATE (27-APR-2004) and then putting it on a RIS-server, working OK. However I have one question: I want to install WinXP including all patches, both those "streamlined" and those described in RUNONCEEX.CMD which can not be streamlined, and Norton Antivirus Client (which I also put in RUNONCEEX.CMD). Beside this I want to install "std software" like Acrobat Reader based on Machine Group Policy in Active Directory. My Problem is that the order these are installed in are: WinXP-slipstream - "std software" - RUNONCEEX.CMD. Is there a way to defer the AD-apps being installed AFTER RUNONCEEX.CMD?? OR, do I have to "skip the Machine GPO" (which I prefer not to do), and put the apps in RUNONCEEX.CMD? Be COOL, it's summertime BlueLANe
  3. XPCREATE - April Hotties & Updates

    What about the "new"? switches, like /quiet /norestart??? Will they be OK in SVCPACK.INF??? Please post also that file as an example like you did with the directories. Nice and quick work!!!
  4. MDAC update

    Hi GM! Another question: What is the difference between WindowsServer2003-KB832894-x86-ENU.EXE in SVC-HF1 and Q832894.EXE in SVC-PRE? Sorry for being lazy and not start a new thread. Ciao e carpe diem
  5. MDAC update

    Hi! I'm wondering why ENU_Q832483_MDAC_x86.EXE (MDAC Update) is in directory SVC-MDC for Windows XP and in directory SVC-DAH for Windows 2000/2003 Server. Perhaps the "final result" is the same but anyhow..??? Is it possible to "drop leading characters" like WindowsServer2003 in directory SVC-HF2 to make the "final name" easier to connect with the Hotfix-number. Ciao e carpe diem