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  1. i'm trying to get mp10 installed. v9 is on the computer now. i went to windows updates and tried to install from there. this is what comes up.

    the software you are installing has not passed windows logo testing to verify its compatibility with windows xp. the software will not be installed

  2. well i had the same problem with mine. windows hangs on set up. and would not format. i have 2 harddrives an 80 and 20 maxtor. after trying several xp cds what i did was disconnected the second harddrive cable and tried again. everything worked out perfectly. don't know why

  3. my brothers computer is only 2 months old. after he activated windows. he put the serial sticker on the side of the computer. well somehow its missing. how can i find the number that was used to install windows. i know its in the register.

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