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  1. i know what the harddrive is because its marked on the label. vista was installed
  2. the computer is a compaq presario v6000. where would i find the sata settings
  3. i'm trying to install windows 7 on hp laptop. harddrive is a wd 160 gb. i boot from dvd and when it gets to the screen to format, there are no drives. just blank. i went to bios and it shows no hardrive. is there a way to fix this. i think the person who owns the laptop deleted everything.
  4. can someone point me in the right direction on how to do this
  5. is it possible. is there files that i could copy off of my acer laptop with vista home premium to add to oem disk to make it install on other acer computers.
  6. i have a vista home premium disk and i would like to make it only for my acer laptop. where can i find the files to put on the disk to make this happen.
  7. i tried with notpad on 3 different computers and all it does is try to open but nothing. the file said its 384mb. is there another program i could use
  8. i have a winxpsp2 cd which will not boot my computer. is there a simple way to add files to make it bootable. thanks Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. Please follow XP Forum Rules from now on. --Sonic
  9. can microsoft office be modified not to ask for username and serial i want to put it on the cd so it will install without asking for it
  10. i'm trying to get mp10 installed. v9 is on the computer now. i went to windows updates and tried to install from there. this is what comes up. the software you are installing has not passed windows logo testing to verify its compatibility with windows xp. the software will not be installed
  11. i made my first windows dvd with the programs i want to install. my question is can i use nlite to remove programs as well. and what would i have to leave in windows xp pro
  12. my windows had one or two bad tweaks on the winxp cd i have a new one into which folder would i put it
  13. well i had the same problem with mine. windows hangs on set up. and would not format. i have 2 harddrives an 80 and 20 maxtor. after trying several xp cds what i did was disconnected the second harddrive cable and tried again. everything worked out perfectly. don't know why
  14. i always do a clean install of winxp but can you use this cd. and before someone jumps on me. this is just a question someone ask me.
  15. this is weird. i have tried everything to install winxp after i had problems with corupt files. even tried to quick format. but no go. so i disconnected the 2nd harddrive and tried again. no problem, windows reformated the drive and installed. can someone explain this.
  16. my brothers computer is only 2 months old. after he activated windows. he put the serial sticker on the side of the computer. well somehow its missing. how can i find the number that was used to install windows. i know its in the register.
  17. can windows 98se be installed without using a serial number. i know years ago when i received my first computer, it came with windows installed. and i had to put in my serial later
  18. is there a way to put the serial in a program. so the next time i have to install the program it doesn't ask for the serial.
  19. is it possible. i don't need anything in it extra. i just want to put in the cd and let it install with the serial and area code in it.
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