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  1. Windows Slipstreamed or not

    ETH0 is a warez group. Seriously. Last I checked they were using the RVM pack to integrate updates and claiming it as their own. Lame.
  2. Get BSOD upon boot up with XP Pro sp2 (0x0000007E )

    One very easy thing I would check first is the temperature of the heatsink on your GPU/Graphics Card.
  3. Windows XP SP3 and AMD Processor Driver

    SP3 is not officially released and because of that I bet AMD has not really tested SP3. I would leave it alone if you are having no problems! When SP3 is released to everyone expect AMD to update their driver. Until then I would stick with the default driver SP3 gives you on install unless you are having some problem you think is caused by the default driver.
  4. I use the Norton Removal Tool 2008.0.1.19 with AutoIt and there is only one step I can not skip. The CAPTCHA. I have not found an easy way to automate this step, I find it easier to just do that one manually. There is no need to Uninstall from Add/Remove Programs first. There is no need to delete the Symantec key you reference. The Norton Removal Tool does a really good job, If it leaves anything behind....it's never bothered me or Kaspersky. Kaspersky is known to complain if even a small fragment of another AV is found. If you need assistance in automating the NRT with AutoIt (after first trying it on your own, ofc) I can help. P.S. : Yes, HKLM is fine, it knows what that is. You don't have to spell it out.
  5. 2 Windows XP's on Boot Up!

    There is nothing wrong, you just didn't fully format the drive(boot sector). I think you should check your boot.ini for duplicates or old OS's that don't exist at all anymore. This has happened to me before and I had a duplicate boot.ini entry, both "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" entries loaded the same OS. [boot loader] timeout=30 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /FASTDETECT /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /FASTDETECT /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN ^^^Notice that both listed OSes are on multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1) or you might see one like that and one like this multi(0)disk(1)rdisk(0)partition(1) which means the second entry is on another PHYSICAL hard disk, not just a partition/slice of one physical. The easiest way to check that is Start > Run > notepad C:\boot.ini Does the second xp entry work at all? If not just remove that OS line from the boot ini, it would be the second line under [operating systems]. If it works, but loads the same thing as the first, once again I would remove it. There is no reason to have the same OS listed twice... If it works but loads another copy of xp, well then you would have to decide on that one...do you need to keep the other OS? Reading the boot.ini will allow you to see where that second entry is pointing to. I hope this helps.
  6. Start > run > cmd > systeminfo

    True, it can be used over the network. If you run it without a specified host, it just pulls the info for the localhost. So it's a little of both. B)
  7. SESSION.INI questions...

    Just to prove the only difference between the INI's is the drive letter, I ran Sysinternals Junction.... junction -s C:\bobby-storage E:\bobby-storage and the old/non-mod INI works now... I really need someone to help me on how I can get it working with the NEW drive letter, without junction. Does Nlite verify the ini somehow? Why would it successfully load the NON-MOD ini and not the MOD ini? Especially when the only thing changed is the drive letter, all the paths exist just as before.
  8. Start > run > cmd > systeminfo

    It is a vaild windows command. For sure. http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...o.mspx?mfr=true
  9. Windows XP x64 ENU

    Thank you very much.
  10. SESSION.INI questions...

    Problem : nLite won't load AND apply my ini. Detail of problem : Using nLite 1.3.5, I was able to edit the *SESSION.ini with notepad/textpad and then load it into nLite with import. This worked GREAT for a really long time (one year?). It was especially useful for things that only change version numbers. C:\bobby-storage\Windows_XP_PRO_WORKSHOP\Integration Drivers\REALTEK_HDA_WDM_R180\WDM\HDA.inf,0 C:\bobby-storage\Windows_XP_PRO_WORKSHOP\Integration Drivers\NVIDIA\Win2KXP\163.71\English\nv4_disp.inf,0 C:\bobby-storage\Windows_XP_PRO_WORKSHOP\Integration Drivers\REALTEK_HDA_WDM_R181\WDM\HDA.inf,0 C:\bobby-storage\Windows_XP_PRO_WORKSHOP\Integration Drivers\NVIDIA\Win2KXP\163.75\English\nv4_disp.inf,0 As the driver version numbers keep progressing, all I've had to change (in the past) was the version number in the string. It also worked well for the RVMUpdate pack, CNC DirectX addon, pretty much anything that was just getting a revision, I could go edit the ini to match the new filename and it worked. Exactly as expected. I upgraded to nLite 1.4 final and this 'edit the session ini' continued to work, even if using 1.3.5 .ini's as the source. Recently the laptop that I build XP+Vista on died , so I got a new laptop . The old setup had everything on C:\ , with just WinXP Pro SP2. The new setup runs XP and Vista in dual-boot, which made me move everything in C:\bobby-storage to E:\bobby-storage. Each OS shows it's homedrive as C:\ and the other OS as D:\, they both see "NTFS-STORAGE" as E:\. I am getting ready to modify XP with nLite 1.4, and I realize that this drive letter change has occured. No problem!, I'll just replace each instance of C:\bobby-storage with E:\bobby-storage in my SESSION.INI. and import it into nLite 1.4. The ini I replaced C:\bobby-storage E:\bobby-storage in, came from nLite 1.4...so I don't think that is the issue. Nlite says it's loaded the INI at the bottom "LOADED : LAST SESSION", but when I go to the next page no tasks are pre-selected. As I go further in the nLite process, none of my old settings have been loaded for each task. It says it loaded the ini, but there is no settings that get loaded with it. Thinking that there are some old sessions causing problems I close nlite,visit C:\Program Files\nLite\Presets and delete all the ini's in there. Rerun nLite, load modified ini, still none of my loaded settings are there. Nothing has been changed in this INI besides the drive letter C:\ to E:\. I did a replace of "C:\bobby-storage" with "E:\bobby-storage". It doesn't work. The ini won't load any settings, all the paths exist as listed in the MOD INI, I can copy the line out of there and visit it using "Start > Run". I could reference the INI and go reconfig nLite the hard way, checking each box as listed in ini..... LAST_SESSION_MOD.INI LAST_SESSION.INI
  11. nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    Sure it can! Well, with an addon. http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5239
  12. nLite 1.4 RC2 - Rain Ultra

    That would be great.
  13. Safely Remove Hardware icon

    I am having this very same problem. Using Gigabyte GA-M61PM-S2 REV2.0 (based on NV MCP61), Windows XP Pro SP2 x86 shows my fixed hard disks as removable devices, they are in a software array (raid1) using the NVIDIA/MediaShield raid utility at boot time. It's like Windows sees straight through the array, both disks are available for "Safely Remove Hardware" yet they show as one PHYSICAL disk in Disk Managment and only one drive is in My Computer. It's definitely array'd. This is fine with me, I can easily ignore it and just not remove the hard disks via the menu. The good news is, no matter how I try to coax it. Windows will NOT let me remove either hard disk. I get the same message you would get using a USB drive and trying to remove it. Yeah it is somewhat annoying the hard disks show up in the menu/icon, but it's no danger if that's what you're worried about. Cheers.