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  1. Driver works in Win7 Pro x64 but not in Win7 Ultimate x64

    I forgot to mention that I follow the same Step by step install on both computers and that includes copying xbcdrc.sys to c:\windows\system32\drivers and using DSEO to enter Test mode to bypass non signed driver. I dont know if all the steps is needed but because of the strange problem I do them all on both computers just to be safe. But after some testing it looks like the driver has more problems in Windows 7 (every 5th key press on the remote is becomes a double key press) so it looks like the best solution is to just try to get hold of a proper remote and receiver. But Thanks for the help
  2. Hello I have a strange problem with XBCDRC driver that someone has updated for x64 support. When I try to install it on my media center that is running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 it says "A service installation section in the INF is invalid" But it works fine on my laptop running Windows 7 Pro x64, I had no idea that drivers could have problems with different versions of Windows as both are x64 Here is the link for the x64 driver http://www.acidapple.com/veube/xbcdrc_x64.zip Is something missing in the INF or is it something bigger that cant be fixed? Any help and/or insight would be greatly appreciated
  3. Use custom Application data folder?

    DigeratiPrime App-V & ThinApp looks a bit to complicated to use for what Im after but i will look in to PortableApps.com and see if its possible to use. I also like the idea of having both versions in the same "launcher" as Im currently using something similar for that and it would be great if it could solve my problem and be the launcher at the same time. MHz for some reason Ventrilo just ignores this and uses the config file from its regular path Thank you both for your quick answers
  4. Hello I have a application that I use 2 different versions of and it uses the same config file that is located at Application Data\ApplicationName\config.ini The problem is that some settings disappears when switching between the different versions and I have not been able to find a parameter that can make it to use a different config.ini Is it possible to "fool" a program to use a custom Application data folder? So i could make it use Application Data\ApplicationName\versionX\config.ini where "X" is the version If it makes any difference the application is Ventrilo
  5. Default explorer window size?

    Is it possible to chage the default explorer windows size? The reason for this is that if you disable webview (i think its called that) in explorer there is a huge part of the window that isent to any use and it looks kind of weird and for some reason my window size keeps resetting to default from time to time, usaly My documents foler and sometimes all
  6. Hi Im looking for somthing to add extras to explorers copy/move like monitor speeds I have found a program that does this but it dosent integrate into explorer so for example ctrl+c/x still uses the normal explorer copy/move Its difficult to explain but looking here http://ranvik.net/totalcopy/ might help The most important is the speed monitoring Does anyone know if something like this exist?
  7. i still havent switched over to sp2 because of the limited connections and when i tried a fix to have unlimited i had lots of problems with everything that uses internet/lan so is it bad with unlimited connections? shuld it be set to a a few 100 instead? i bittorrent alot so i dont want to lose speed. i have tried to search thru the forum but havent found anything that answers my question but maby im searching wrong
  8. Is it possible to disable simple file sharing on windows xp home?
  9. Hello everytime i install i have the problem that no one can access me from the network and i have to change some things in the Local Polices -> User Rights Assignments is it possible to to this unattended? if you dont understand what i mean i klick on the link its a guide that explains what i mean http://www.tss2000.nl/site_pages/tweaks.php?id=5 btw, sry for my bad english,
  10. when i use jdeboeck guide to remove Remote Desktop Connection the Local Security Settings stops working, is there some other way to stop Remote Desktop Connection from installing?
  11. Local Security Settings error

    im running vmware to test and im installing there so i cant look things up on that right now, but i did a search in regedit (on my pc where its working) and found som dll so im going too look in to what component that removes %SystemRoot%\System32\GPEdit.dll i just hope its the right one
  12. when i try to open Local Security Settings in Administrative Tools it gives me a error: Snapin-module could not be initiated Name:<unknown> Class-ID:{8FC0B734-A0E1-11D1-A7D3-0000F87571E3} whats missing? i have used the guide that removes things from the cd but only a few System Restore, Remote Desktop Connection, and maby something more i will look in to it more tomorrow it getting really late now does anyone know how to fix it? it would help alot if noone knows i will have to try to remove one thing and then test and continue to do so until i find what component i cant remove. btw if something looks strage its because im running a swedish os and i did a bad translation
  13. User not working properly

    quotes was there from the beginning just copyd from the the forum some where but i solved it, if anyone have the same or similar problem just go in run cmd and use the edit yourfile.cmd and then type it in there and then save, and it will save so it runs properly
  14. Im trying to creat a account with the name Andreas and has admin rights. i tried to use CLS @echo off ECHO. ECHO Adding User Name... net user Andreas /add net localgroup "Administrators" Andreas /add ECHO. It creats a user named Andreas but not with admin rights so i thought it was because im installing a swedish winxp so Administrators = Administratörer CLS @echo off ECHO. ECHO Adding User Name... net user Andreas /add net localgroup "Administratörer" Andreas /add ECHO. but that dident work either so what am i doing wrong? im going to try a few things but if anyone knows it would help alot maby it has something to do with the letter Ö in dos i have had problems with that before, anyone now a work around?