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  1. If you click Cancel (i.e. don't put in the CD), can you please check the event log and list which files it is trying to restore? Thanks. We need to determine if it is the SFC Fix method that is failing, or rather if it is just something simple like a file entry that has not been removed from the fixed SFC list. sorry man, i dont have to much experience with nlite, ill do that later for sure, altough if it helps when i created the identical install with nlite 1.35 few days ago it acted the same ...... ill post back in couple hours with the results ( altough like i said i dont got much experience with sliptreeming so i could also be doing something wrong, if thats possible)
  2. i just tried it, i put in ie7, wmp11 and hotfixes that follow, on first reboot i get the windows file protection please insert the cd, this is on a MS virtual pc
  3. thanks guys ...... im just concerned since yesterday when i played with it i got couple issues 1. I integrated boogies wmp11 vanila (with nlite and wmp11 slipstreemer instaled) and ie7 from microsoft but when i instaled it on a virtual machnine on a reboot after first desktop i got Windows file protection asking me to put in the windows cd 2 is when i integrated all at once: boogies wmp11, Ryans update pack (newest) with his DX and WPA and DMX IE7 "normal" nlite was reporting "newer file already exists do you wanna keep it" when it was integrating IE7 (it was last) i put NO to all, is that ok or should have i put in YES (or should there even be those errors)? thing is i can allow any errors with the final instal since i wanna use that for work when i setup systems for clients, and for the same reason i cant be shutting off windows file protection and stuff thanks edit: RaGhul actualy what concernes me the most and why im asking about ie7 is that err with file protection and also some of the comments from DMX ie7 thread where you comment that ..."I think this just confirms why those of us who disable SFC with nlite have no problems. And it WOULD make sense that IE7 would cause problems with protected system files, especially with Internet Explorer's files. ".... while i disabling sfc is not an option for me
  4. OK one thing i dont get is that in nlite release notes it supports IE7 but on the other hand ppl are using other packages for it? Is there issues when using nlite to slipstreem IE7 thats downloaded from microsoft, or do ppl use other pacages like DMX for the tweaks and stuff?
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