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  1. Hi guys. Exchange works now... but sorry, do you know how to re-enable the "Notification: inbound email failure" emails to be delivered to the administrator's mailbox?
  2. Maybe here we are.. After attempting anything, I went to c:\program files\pop3 connector\incoming and there I found about 10 .mmd files, that seemed email downloaded but not delivered. I moved them out there, and the I successfully started the service! It downloaded ad delivered the emails of the last two days. But now there is a strange problem: usually when someone send an email to an @mydomain address that does not exist, it arrives to me as an "Notification Inbound email failure". But it does not do it anymore. What may it depend from? Does it depend from Service Pack 4? Does it depend from some "hidden" option?
  3. Do you think I could restore a backup disk (entire ghost) and then overvrite the email container file with the latest one? How?
  4. There were about 2GB of space (so I tried to clean up some emails). During my attempts to repair this situation, i Ghosted the disk to another, bigger one. But nothing to do. I can't understand the fact that no error event is logged... Well, let's see the article you found.. but it seems strange to me... it was not a test server ad it is not the IMS service, but the POP3 Service that does not work... What? Exchange 5.5 Service pack 5? Does it Exist? It is named in your post, But I can't find it on microsoft.com! Strange...
  5. Yes, it is SBS 4.5 System Properties report Microsoft Windows NT 4.00.1381
  6. Hello everybody. I have a big, big trouble. Old NT4 Server with Exchange Server 5.5 - Near to dismission, but we need it for a couple of months... Yesterday it decided to do not download email anymore (it download email from a pop3 "catchall" address and then deilvers it to the right recipient). No error in error log. Looking to the services, I find "Microsoft Exchange Connector for POP3 Mailboxes" not active. I try to enable it. Doesn't run. Try again. Nothing to do. Error window: In the log there is absolutely anithing strange! I went to Exchange Administrator and set logging POP3 Connector to maximum... But everything that appears in my application log when I try to start the service is: * ID 1000 - Pop3 Connector The service is starting Microsoft Exchange Connector for POP3 Mailboxes 4.50.2113 ----------- * ID 1001 - Pop3 Connector The service started successfully ----------- * ID 4008 - Pop3 Connector The delivery service is flushing its outgoing and incoming queues ------------ * ID 4009 - Pop3 Connector Flushing Transaction Complete. -------------- Adsolutely no indication of any error. I can't understand... it worked perfectly until yesterday! I tryed di clean a not o messages on the server and reboot, but nothing. I can't find anything about it on internet, I suppose that 1067 is a generic error. Today I applyed the SP4 patch, but it did not revolved the problem. Please help me, I am a dead man!!!

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