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  1. Cool thank you so much, I got the otherone working but only for one image, this new one will be so cool. thank you
  2. hi qeezy I download this and follow everythin in your instruction, but this is my problem. I create a share drive on the network and put images.txt and dispart.txt with 2007.wim on the share. I copy the imagexhta.hta and htastype.css to the system32 folder on the winpe boot disk. I create a net use command in the startnet, so the it will auto map for me. the loading good , map network drive good, but when I launch the imagexhta.hta the is only come up with no menu, basicly is load but is won't read tyhe imagex.txt file I think. I check all the map and check for perimssion is all good. I wonder any where I need to look for this problem. THank you very much for this, and is will be cool if I can get this work. Thank you
  3. HI I follow all your step the HTA when the windows pe boot up, the network map auto map to drive I:\ then the ImageXHTA.HTA fiel launch but is unable to connect to the images.txt on the share drive, when I get to I:\dir /w/p I see the Images.txt. and check all access right is good. is there any thing in the ImageXHTA.HTA Script I need to edit to make this work, when I test this in the Windows and is work fine. Please help Thank you Kevin
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