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  1. I played with UltraISO a lil bit and u right it does the same thing. But even just changing something as small as the config file, UltraISO remakes the whole iso. MagicISO treats it like saving a file unless its large data being added or removed from the iso. Even then it remakes the iso alot faster then when it first got made. How do u use UltraISO to make the correct cd/dvd? I tried the generate bootinfotable option but it must be some step(s) I'm not doing. I've been playing around with the config file for my lil project and get different things happening each time for the uBuntu's and the Debian's. So is it possible for me to just setup the config file the right way (cuz I just dumped the the whole iso into their own folders for my project) or would it be best to try to find out which folders/files I need only (like in your guide)?
  2. I got both the mkisofs GUI and ISOLinux Mate from here: http://members.chello.at/bobby100/ Its also has some good reading material. (for newbies like me) One section breaks down what ISOLinux does and what each file do. If u get the GUI and it doesnt start, click on the help file in the folder that u extracted the GUI to. Click installation to the left and it tells u everything u need with download links. Just put all necessary files in the folder u extracted the GUI to. EDIT: I'm still at it. If yall dont use it, get MagicISO. This way u can just open the iso, edit what files u need to, save it, and test. Its beautiful cuz when u edit files in the iso and save it, its like saving a regular file. No need to remake the iso all over. EDIT: Im getting somewhere!! I think my folder names were too long for Debian. I made em no longer than 8 letters and finally I got past the OS choice screen. Got all the way down to loading file system then....some error message and a command prompt.
  3. I joined this forum today just because of this topic. Great guide!! I've been looking for something like this for awhile. I been playing around with Linux since early last year. I want to put as many LiveCD's as I can on DVD's. I created the orig Super Disc with no problems except for some minor head scratch moments: *vmlinuz1 has been renamed to rescuecd *vmlinuz1.igz has been renamed to rescuecd.igz for the latest version of System Rescue CD I didnt know where exactly to look for some of the files in the syslinux folder. I also grabbed the whole memdisk folder instead of just the file. And some other minor things that's too trivial to mention. It would help some ppl (like me) if u had made the guide a lil more dumbed down. I also didnt know that I could take the MKISOFS post in your guide and save it as a batch file. I only found that out after I found a GUI for MKISOFS for Windows. That might help a boatload of ppl, like me, who couldnt get MKISOFS to start or were/are intimidated by it. The easiest way is to load up a sample isolinux batch that comes with the GUI, setup the correct folders in the GUI, save it, click on the newly made batch file then its off to the races. If anyone tries to use the GUI u have to set the boot image. U can use the isolinux.bin file in your boot/isolinux folder. I also found ISOLinux Mate. It helps you make your menus easier with a GUI and a preview screen. (as u can tell by those appz I'm a visual creature. GUI's ftw!!) Imma experiment with UltraISO (it has a generate bootinfotable option) to see if it can make the right type of cd/dvd. I tried PowerISO but I got a 'ISOLinux created by' screen w/checksum error message on startup. Ok: Right now I'm trying to make a DVD with Debian Gnome, KDE and Xfce; Kubuntu, uBuntu and Xbuntu. I cant get any of the Debians to load. The uBuntu's almost load then I get kicked to a command prompt. Now one thing I noticed is when I try to boot my single live cd's off my dvd rewriter they fail. But they load fine from the cd drive. Im trying to do this cuz I dont wanna have 20 LiveCD's laying around. Again, great guide!! Now I just gotta get the uBuntu's to act right. <---reads post above for tips