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  1. Hey Windows 98 Still RULE!!!!!!!!!!! I have installed the updates from Jimmsta and now the site: www.win9xpp.org Its really cool. I've loaded the "NEW WIN98" on dozens of machines! Why do you need WINXP or even VISTA?????????? Why pay so much for it? Come on most apps runs on Win98! Office, anti-virus, etc. There are lots of cool free office apps (and more) for WIN98!!!!!!!!!!! You don't need XP or VISTA just because it looks great! The new Revolutions Pack 6 makes it look and feel cool. You wont even say its WIN98!!! Jimmsta! You rock Dude!!!!!!!!!! I still load Win98 on lots of PC's even in 2007!!!! I look in every week on the www.win9xpp.org site for new updates and apps. I cant wait! Oh yes I almost forgot. There is a update CD version of WIN98. A project called JACKHAMMER. I love it!! Just download the ISO and burn it on CD. Then load is form DOS!!!!! All apps already installed. Cool hey? I just miss the XP start bar. Revolutions Pack 6 dont install. Anyway Thanks guys for putting all your time into great updates for WIN98, and so that we can download it for free. Just leave some posted here if anyone have problems with it. I went tru it all so can help you with common problems or HOW TO INSTALL and etc. Thanks again!!!!!
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