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  1. Hey guys I don't want to make addons so is there a way I can put the install files onto the nLite XP iso and just install them when I have Windows installed? ty
  2. Hey guys I want to add uTorrent and some other programs that don't require installation. How do I go about making my own? Also what do you guys do with some programs that require you to download a separate installer and aren't able to be updated within the program like Skype? Thanks
  3. My question is it worth it for an XP Home user to try out 2k3 on a desktop machine? I mainly use my machine for gaming, watching videos, music, browsing, email etc. I'd like to try out something newer without going the Vista route as I want something that isn't bloated and I was talking to a mate of mine and he says that 2k3 has a lot less bloat than XP and with some tweaking use nLite he's been able to bring 2k3 down to less than 100MB of RAM usage at start up. Any disadvantages?

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