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  1. Well the Redbook standard requires the 2 second gap at the beginning so yeah it has to be there.. Just reinstalled guess it does it there as well. What I usually do is, throw all my tracks in, get the names cleared up. Then I select everything from track 2 to the end, right click, select Properties, set the gap to 0 and hit apply. Usually works a charm. But apparently Nero wants to reset it even if you dont open the Comp Properties window again, since my burns came out with the gaps. I did just figure out if I go into the Compilation Properties, check the box for No Pause Between Tracks, then set track 1 back to 2 seconds, it looks like its sticking.. Only got two blanks left now so lets hope this works!!
  2. Im running into a wierd possible bug making an audio cd with Nero Lite Just installed it this morning, and am trying to make a cd of some of my bands tracks for someone at work. I have the tracks all in Nero, I right click them, select properties, set the gap between tracks to 0, hit ok looks good. If I open up the Compilation properties window again, it resets the gaps to 2 seconds on its own. Just went, set them back to 0 seconds, burned my disc.. Upon burning, the Nero window shows the gaps at 2 seconds again and what do you know it burned my disc with 2 second gaps even though I had just told it 0.. Is it just me or anybody else verify this?? Supposed I could go install the retail Nero 8 and see if its there too..
  3. BIOS update it is! Ill give that a try in a bit here once I get a chance, thanks for the suggestion! I dont think Ive ever tried that before because in 99.9% of the cases it worked by just unplugging all the extra USB junk connected to the extra headers on the motherboard (hence the IRQ conflict Im assuming).. I got 2000 installed just fine on it but time for XP to go back! SP3 is out?? Man Im out of it!!
  4. Already attempted when the usual solution didnt work. Its something to do with XP, Ive found a knowledge base article before on the problem, which is where I knew to unplug the extra internal USB stuff, but couldnt find it again to see if there was another solution for it. Good old Win 2000 installs fine on this machine, finishing it up right now. Vista cant do it cause it doesnt have a DVD-Rom but yeah its an XP issue.. Used to happen all the time with these systems, only this time the normal fix isnt working. Its possible I have a funny slipstreamed SP2 disc, Ill try making another one in a bit and starting over.
  5. Odd problem here maybe someone can shed some light on.. Have one of our older P4 workstations Im rebuilding (ASUS P4P800-E mobo, 512MB RAM, Quadro 950GXL Video), that will NOT finish the initial XP install.. Basically I can boot from the cd, format/partition, and then it goes through copying the setup files and reboots. On reboot, it gets to the Win XP splash screen, then freezes. No go. This used to be a common issue with this particular model we used to have built for us. They often came with multi format media drives that on top of the 6 card slots, also had ports for USB, firewire, and your audio connections.. It used to be this happened because of the media drives USB ports and the extra front case ports connected to the motherboard. So you usually just pull those connectors off, finish the install then it all works fine after the install finishes.. However this isnt the case with this one machine! It was working just fine but we decided to rebuild it because the employee left and thought he knew more than he really did about customizing his own machine... So far Ive got every extra USB port disconnected from the motherboard, pulled out the extra CD-ROM, removed the media drive completely, and even swapped the hard drive. Still same thing, Ill go start the install, format once again just to be safe, copies files over, then freezes at the splash screen on reboot. Any ideas???
  6. Seems to work manually so far.. Just copied a few of the important folders out of Application Data/Roaming to my XP machine next to me and Thunderbird, Firefox, Filezilla and so far everything else is ok.. Didnt touch the Microsoft stuff yet cause Im not too concerned about those.. It was mainly my saved settings in my browser/email/messenger/itunes stuff I wanted to make sure was good. Already moved my Pics and Documents elsewhere so didnt have to worry about those..
  7. Well basically on my fairly new Core Duo 6600 Dell, Vista runs like crap.. But Ive been running it for over a year now and have alot of my user account pretty well rooted in it. I cant seem to get a clear answer from any of Microsofts documentation but does anyone know if its possible to use the User State Migration Tool to transfer a user profile from Vista BACK to XP??? I spent all last week cleaning up my workstation and used Vista's Easy File Transfer to migrate it to another drive and rebuilt my Vista box. Well I think I just want to get rid of it once and for all.. Just tried to migrate it onto my other XP workstation but the Files and Settings Transfer tool in XP cant find my migrated user data from Vista. Im assuming it doesnt work with the format Vista saves it in.. So my next choice is the User State Migration Tool, but I wanted to see if anyone had successfully done this before I waste a whole day setting up xml files to migrate my account once more..
  8. Well they were all burned on my PC at work so that would be running Vista and Nero 7 Micro, the burner is a Pioneer DVR-111D (now flashed to a 111L).. I have the exact same burner in my Mac at home, in fact I bought a bunch in bulk at work and ordered mine seperately that same time. The burner at home isnt flashed to the 111L firmware but I actually just did that on the PC on monday, and the disks werent working in the mac this weekend beforehand. The oddest part is they all used to work just fine both here and at home on my Mac.. Ive noticed while playing with ISOBuster and trying to either read or extract the files, the sectors that its coming up with as unreadable are not consistent from one time to the next.. This is really leading me to believe that somehow I CAN save these but ISOBuster is getting tedious. Most of the time when it hits an unread sector I can tell it to retry a couple times and it appears its working. However once again Ive been doing it since 7:30 this morning and Im only at 6% of the disk, and Im having to hit retry every couple of minutes repeatedly. Im installing an Ubuntu box at work right now to see if this will work. Gonna try out dd_rescue and see if that helps as well.
  9. Okay gotta big problem here.. At work Im on a PC running Vista all day yada yada.. So when burning archives of stuff Im taking home to my Mac, I used to use the UDF DVD-Rom format in Nero to keep it safe.. Little did I know that burning em as a Windows disk wouldve been much easier. Now I get my disks home, everytime Im browsing a UDF volume after who knows how many minutes all of a sudden, say I go to click on a PDF file on the disk, the file disappears. Mac gives me a message file cant be found.. Click on another one same thing.. Happens until I eject the disk and put it back in, then its fine again for awhile til this repeats.. Ok cool, figured Mac has some issues reading UDF volumes but they work (or at least did).. Now come this weekend. I decided to start cataloging some of my archives on the Mac using DiskTracker.. About half of my discs now, just get spit out and wont even be read.. Thinking I screwed up something with my burner (its a modified Pioneer DVR-111) did some running around troubleshooting to no avail. These discs, which worked just fine when I brought them home my Mac now refuses to even acknowledge. So I bring a stack into work today.. The one disc I have that the contents still show up in, refuses to let me copy data from it. The rest are just not being recognized by Windows Vista at all. Not by Nero, not by Alcohol, not by AShampoo, nothing. Downloaded ISOBuster, and basically its been trying to recover and/or extract the files from this disc that actually still can be read ALL DAY now. Now I dont get it. I know theres problems with the UDF format and whatnot.. But these discs all burned fine, and worked fine just a couple months ago! Can anyone recommend ANYTHING to try to recover the files from these?? So far aside from ISOBuster, Ive tried the CDTrack Rescue Demo, and InDisc Recover (looks to me like theyre the same app just one ripping off the other??) to no avail.. Nero when I try to read disc info just tells me its not there.. CDTrack and InDisc both just tell me "Device Is Not Ready".. Is there ANYTHING I can do whatsoever to try and recover these?? I basically just want my files off so I can reburn em all to a regular old Windows format DVD.. Not ever messing with this UDF crap AGAIN! And I thought UDF DVD-Roms were supposed to be the most generic compatible format?
  10. Well I installed yesterday and burned a crapload of stuff at work with no problems! Well come to think of it there was one.. During the install, it picked up my registration no problem and worked a charm. However, after installing on top of my previous (well your Micro actually) the version number on both the splash screen and the About Nero tab were still After noticing this, I uninstalled, reinstalled and everything has been just fine. Took my serial and everything! Although it might be a typo, the download said it was Micro yet my install says Lite... Other than that nothing wrong at all!
  11. Pretty sure you can only do an administrative type of install using the Volume license version.
  12. I use a little script utility called CTUpdate. Itll go and grab all the updates for Win 2k/XP/Server 2003. And will then make an iso of all the updates, either one cd per OS, or a dvd with all of em on it. The autorun starts right when you click on the disc and begins looking at what updates you need and what you dont have and then proceeds to install away. Never seen it install anything that was already installed, in fact I know it doesnt and skips the updates.. Might wanna give that one a shot.. http://www.vulnerabilityassessment.co.uk/ctupdate.htm
  13. Just curious... Has anyone had any issues with any other burning software installed after installing the newest Nero?? I still havent tried Major's final yet (I still have my Micro I made last week installed) but Ive noticed now that if I try to burn with EAC, my burns stop after the lead in is written and it begins on track 1. Fails everytime. Only change to my system I can think of is updating to this latest Nero version.. Unless of course I missed some system update in Vista I didnt see get installed..
  14. Well thanks to your tips earlier Major, I managed to make a Micro this morning. I just tested burning an audio cd just in case and it copied and burned my Rolling Stones Exile On Main St cd with no problems at all. I did notice the installer I got in the end was maybe 3MB or so smaller and in the Add/Remove Programs CP it shows my install taking a bit less than the beta micro released earlier.. (Mines at 48MB total).. Not sure if I left anything out or whatnot, I simply ran the Nero7Lite_english_micro.cmd script first (located in SDK\Script\English) which made me the micro .iss script.. I then just went through this after installing the Nero 7.9.6 Trial and copied what needed to be copied to the SDK\Bin directory. I had to make a couple of changes to the .iss script due to a couple files that are not present after an install on my system.. Namely this file: Bin\Common Files\Lib\BCGCBPRO86071.dll is no longer present.. There is a new file named BCGCBPRO800u.dll available though so I just commented out the line for the previous one and added the new one. Also commented out were the install of this file: Bin\Nero Core\uneroscsi.dll which is also no longer present. Everything seems to be working and in order so far.. Not to steal Major's fire but if anyone wants to give it a go here it is: Nero- (Yep good old Rapidshare).. Major if interested Ive attached my micro.iss script for ya although the default one was 99% in order except for the two files mentioned above.. Nero7Lite_english_micro.iss
  15. Major and Rick Steele thanks for the tips! Ill try again today! I actually did think to grab the temp folder yesterday but it seemed like none of the files called by the script were there.. It was all CAB files but Ill give it a double check I dont think I deleted it!

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