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  1. Hello all, I'm trying to create a Ghost 10 bootable disk that will recognize my SATA drives and NICs. The boot disk is a WinPE environment. I was hoping to just add the required files to the ISO and if necessary edit the WINPEOEM.SIF file but that doesn't seem to be working for me. I've got MSI K8N Neo4-F MoBos with Nvidia chipsets. There is no floppy drive on these machines, so adding the driver during boot by pressing F6 isn't an easy option. Additionally there seems to be no way to load the NIC driver even if I had a floppy drive. Ghost 10 thinks it has the correct driver for my SATA drives, NVATABUS.SYS but when it trys to load that driver it gives me a "MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION" BSOD. I pulled the correct NVATABUS.SYS driver off my MoBo installation CD and replaced the Ghost 10 file on the ISO and then burned the image onto a new disk. That boot disk halts during boot and gives me an error "Could not find file NVATABUS.SYS" even though the file is clearly on the disk in the correct place. After some further research I put the contents of my SATA driver disk into the ISO as well (including the txtsetup.oem file) and edited the WINPEOEM.SIF file to contain the lines: [OemDriverParams] OemDriverRoot="DRIVERS\ADDOEM" OemDriverDirs=NVIDIA Where that information leads to my SATA driver. Additionally I dropped in the .inf, .sys, and .dll files used by my NIC into the appropriate sub directories of the \I386 directory. I burned another disk with all this and got the same halt and message "Could not find NVATABUS.sys". I put the Ghost 10 original NVATABUS.sys back on the disk and burned again, but then came back to the old MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION BSOD. Additionally I installed an old floppy drive into one of the machines and booted using the F6 option, but noticed when Ghost booted up, the network card did not get recognized. Just wondering what I might need to do to force WINPE to load the correct NVATA driver on boot, and load the correct NIC driver. I'm using ISO Commander from www.turtleblast.com to edit the ISO's. I've got a full set of drink coasters now and I don't need more. Thanks for any help, Dave