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  1. msimg32 dot dll is old or missing and needs to be extracted from Windows ME and re-installed (paraphrased the way I remember it) when I took your suggestion and downloaded to HD then closed, restarted and tried to install Opera. It did continue as I'm using Opera to send this message. I've been using SeaMonkey 1.1.15 Should AutoPatcher not have looked after this error ? I did defrag 2 days ago but am still using the same machine I wrote about on here recently. Lorraine Trenton, Ontario, Canada
  2. I second that emoticon. I'm hanging on by a thread and a prayer. I've lost the little network program in my system tray. I cannot use the 512 meg NVidia video card I bought. Something I did made my system unstable and I had to go back from 1 G RAM to 512meg. Following some advice I found somewhere I haven't scanned my hard drive for errors according to the Properties for 1154 days. I did use DiskLite 72 days ago on my Drive C but not the logicals they are at 1054 days. I'm hoping to stay with Windows 98 Second Edition til the 64 bit machines are everywhere. Soporific please don't abandon AutoPatcher98. I feel safe with it. Lorraine Trenton, Ontario, Canada
  3. Whereabouts is the link for the September FINAL release please ? I tried to use the September UPGRADE on top of the September BETA and ran into many Out of Memory errors Lorraine
  4. Hello VAN You cannot just unzip it - more complicated. I just did this successfully on a test machine. The file took ages for me to download as well because I went to the site with the BUGS crawling over the screen with croaking sound effects as I recall. And I have Bell Sympatico high speed. Did you get release 2 ? As I recall I couldn't find a detailed step-by-step tutorial and had to start a thread under my moniker LL028 (that is a zero) same as you. Check it out. Switch over to the thread sophmoric (sp) left me. You will need your W98SE CD and a CD burning program. Once you get your big downloaded file unpacked there are instructions inside each folder every page of which I printed out. I found it difficult to follow because every page of instructions seemed to start back at step 1. Also there are some instructions right in the opening page to the announcement sophmoric wrote i.e. the thread where he asks for feedback. Good Luck. Hope it works for you. Lorraine
  5. Hi Folks I'm trying to follow the instructions for Release 4.5 UBCD and wonder is there a file named autopatcher v1.6 ready for download yet. I'm quickly losing confidence that I'm going to get it right the first time, or 2nd etc. Since my hard drive is empty anyway, can I just transfer everything there and somehow pretend it is a CD similar to the circumstance where people put the W98SE right onto their hard drive to install. Then I won't feel bad about wasting CDs. Lorraine
  6. Thanks. There is so much information. From your sig link I chose 98SE Unattended Boot CD (UBCD) and have downloaded the file Win98_UBCD_4.5_Release in Zip format onto my main machine. It seems I will need to install a 2nd CD-Rom player/reader wherein I can sit my W98SE CD in order to pull off the CABs as needed. I have NERO to burn the ISO when the time comes. On my test machine I will remove the ISA NIC 2000 compatible and CT1600 Sound Blaster card to make things go easier. And Format the C: drive again as one whole 6 Gig space. That will leave only the ATI video card in AGP slot. I see active discussion on UBCD thread so will give results there. It will be a real test of your latest 4.5 release as I'm assuming there could be a lot of knowldege assumed I don't have. Lorraine
  7. Hi Just discovered the W98 Still Alive campaign and would like to use a new/used small Hard drive to try a fresh install on old hardware with emphasis on SPEED and security/up-to-date. 6G Maxtor HD on GA586BX with 96 megs RAM Slot 1 Intel 333Mhz CPU and W98SE CD As I understand it the unattended CD install pages are NOT for W98SE. I don't seem to be using the right search terms on this forum to find something similar for W98SE. Can someone point me in the right direction. First question is my hardware capable. Lorraine
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