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Status Updates posted by Glenn9999

  1. SSD - the only way to fly for your desktop.

    1. MZWiZard


      - AND laptop... and PS3... and PS4, XBOX etc ;)

    2. MagicAndre1981


      @MZWiZard no, PS4 and Xbone don't benefit that much from it. This was already tested:

  2. I usually don't like to call attention to my charitable deeds, but I definitely have to say that whoever handles that here seems to be asleep at the switch.

  3. Deus Ex: Nihilum is out. More good value for a 13 year old game!

  4. Terminus Machina is now out for the original Deus Ex. Nihilum is out for DX as well.

  5. Windows 8.1 needs to lose weight...it's called Metro.

  6. I got code already worked out that'll replace duplicate files with hard links on NTFS drives.  I'm half-tempted to throw it at a Windows install to see what happens, but there's the usual game of chicken involved...

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