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  1. freeware anti installing programme?

    You should add a shortcut in the Start Up menu.
  2. freeware anti installing programme?

    You are welcome, actually it's me who should thank you because you helped me a lot. You are right I just realized that the unzipped folder was open when I did that. No wonder it was listed.
  3. freeware anti installing programme?

    Dexter, congratulations, the programs works great . Tested on Win98, and doesn't make problems. I'll see how it reacts on XP, because I tried something just for a check, and when I Ctrl+Alt+Delete in Win98, and lists the active programs, one of them in the list is SUB, under this name. I was expecting to be listed as svchost.exe, as the actual name. I was thinking someone knowing a little about how computers work, could realize that SUB program is the guilty one and could try and deactivate it. Maybe in XP it is listed as svchost.exe. I'll see exactly on Wednesday, when I go to work and test it there.
  4. freeware anti installing programme?

    I didn't do that because in fact I use two computers: one at work, using XP, and one at home, obviously less powerful, using Win98. I primarily needed the programs for XP. Dexter did a good job and they successfully work on both systems. By the way, I tried again doing that thing with guest user accounts in XP. There was an option for "limited" account, which I selected (they said choosing that will prevent the user installing programs, deleting other user accounts and so on). Well, it's either that my computer doesn't obey, or I don't make the necessary settings, but I was still able to instal programs after logging as a "visitor" user.
  5. freeware anti installing programme?

    Ok, I'm waiting impatiently...
  6. freeware anti installing programme?

    Dexter, have you got my message? I have sent you one to your inbox.
  7. freeware anti installing programme?

    I downloaded Free Proxy, installed it on my computer, but I did not manage to figure out how it works. It's probably because it's the first time I use one of these, because I can't find any icon or shortcut on the desktop, or anywhere else. Could you tell me how it can be configured? You are right, NoSetup is not meant to be used as an anti-malware program. In fact, I have two anti-viruses installed which do that (suprisingly enough, they don't conflict with each other). But most of the viruses, trojans, worms, spread as a result of clicking an .exe file. Is there any way you could change the tag attached to NoSetup which says "Blocks Installers"? And change the icon of it with the red double crossed image? I want to make it hard for others to realize what it does. It would be ideal if you could tag it as "DVD Player" for instance and picture it as a DVD disk
  8. freeware anti installing programme?

    I tried that already with Internet Explorer, indeed there is an option called Content Advisor which blocks and password protects any website which is not in the white list. Unfortunatley, it displays an alert. As for Comodo, I used that before, and eventually it crashes, and needs re-installation, over and over again. You know, there is not such a big problem that NoSetup wasn't able to block AVG and Avira or Norman. I think nobody is bothered if someone else tries to instal an antivirus on his or her computer. The problem was if they uncounsciously installed a malicious program which used the same type of installer. Since you say you solved it, then I think we shouldn't worry much. Anyway, the other program I used - the trial version of Faronics, boasted they could block all types of installers, including .exe, .ocx, .ax, .sys, .drv, .x32, .vrd, .scr, .tlb files. I was wondering if NoSetup can do the same.
  9. freeware anti installing programme?

    Thank you, Dexter! It really works, you deserve a beer The program does its job. Though it sometimes the .exe file manages to initialize, but it vanishes 2 seconds later. And one of them (namely Norman Malware Cleaner) was able to bypass the restriction (delayed in running for about 2 minutes), and so did AVG Anti-virus.exe and Avira Antivirus.exe, which initialized instantly. And the tray icon is "invisible" and have to guess where it shows up (could be because I use Windows 98 on this computer). But all in all, it works very well Thank you again, you understood my point perfectly - I don't need the others working on my computer to suspect anything, no error message or such. By the way, do you happen to know or can you do something similar to allow access only to a "white list" of websites? Just something "lite", stealth, password-protected and effective.
  10. freeware anti installing programme?

    Someone else suggested the same method, I created a guest account on my computer, but they were still able to instal programmes. It did't work. There should be an option of Windows not to allow guest accounts users to instal programmes, unfortunately there isn't such an option.
  11. Hello, this is something I try to find for a long time: I need a simple freeware programme that can prevent or block the installing of other programmes. Meaning: my computer is used by other people, friends, relatives, and sometimes they install programmes which I don't want. I have used Faronics Anti-executable, it's quite good, but it's trial version. And by the way, I would like something that does not show any alert on the screen when they try to run .exe files or such. Just block, simple as that. Many thanks to anyone who can help.