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  1. <Edit>...and the files I've just downloaded bear those same versions above! </Edit> Ouch, I forgot to update it (those are real versions, without keys, updated few minutes ago, it's just wrong date). ..... Updated.
  2. Your criticism is acknowledged, and I just might remove that key as I see that it really looks suspicious for SP and SI has no need for it. Regarding 'advertising' on other forums, this is the first forum I posted on (not counting the other one which primary function is advertisement of freeware). <Edit> Keys disabled, no more keys, no more connecting to internet. So, anyone care to test it now? </Edit>
  3. I agree with your criticism, and I can take critics, that is not a problem and are really welcome. After all, that's why I posted programs here. But sorry, I have recognized your "constructive criticism" as sort of flame so you got that reply. I don't want this thread to became "dispute" of two of us, that WASN'T my intention when starting this thread. But let me try to explain what wasn't clear above: I ain't trying to HIDE anything. As you can see, programs and site is available only for short period of time. Yes, programs do need .NET Framework and they do connect to internet, which wasn't ment to be HIDDEN. From this forum I wanted criticism about software itself, the usefulness of it's primary purpose. The things you mention were not my primary as they are the subject to change. Is my position and intentions at least a little bit more clear than before? Just a little? Thank you too. <Edit> Your critics were heard, I've put big bold sign in download section that programs do need framework and that key will be downloaded the first time programs are run. </Edit>
  4. Not good enough I'm afraid, you should in those cases, as a worst case scenario, simply display a message to the user that a newer or updated version is available. The new key serves no purpose and will in fact narrow your market considerably. Wrong, however SimpleIndexing is a prime candidate for standalone music only systems without an internet connection. Now the sting in the tail, .NET framework 2.x! why on your dedicated site is this not mentioned at all? You've given no real information on the programs themself, there is no mention of the system requirements, no mention of an internet connection or a three monthly download of a key. Oh and by the way, if you were killed by a train tomorrow, your program couldn't live on in your name, it would die less than three months later. OK, I see you dislike my applications, no problem at all. I just wanted to share what I've done and taught it could be useful. You don't like it, that is your opinion and you have every right on it. I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. I mean, there will always be some people that don't like my programs, but as long as it's below 50% it's ok with me. Regarding not mentioning .NET Framework 2.0, it slipped my mind, I created site not more than month ago. And if you are going to flame me for not mentioning it, well, knock your self out. And then flame me again for no mentioning system requirements. I got nothing against that either and I'm sorry I failed your standards, guess I'm not that good after all. Oh, I forgot to mention, my programs need at least Blue Gene (some say even Red Storm can run it, but I doubt it). And don't forget to install .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0, it won't run without it. Now please excuse me, I got a train to *catch*. Cheers.
  5. Is there a particular reason for this type of behaviour. If they are freeware, what is the idea of having to update a key regularly in order to continue using your programs. Does this mean I can only use the software on machines with an internet connection? it's nice to have screenshots, but how about some system requirements? Hello there, "Is there a particular reason for this type of behaviour?" is often asked question and will be put in FAQ soon. It is because I had many situations (on projects in past) to get all sort of negative comments because users tend to use old, alfa or beta versions. So complains like "this is not working, program crashes" and such comments. So that's the story about keys. And yes, it does connect to internet as soon as you first tun it, to download new key. And to be honest, if one is about to use SimplePasswords, it's because one has many accounts, and you really won't use it if you don't have connection to internet? Right? The key is valid for 3 months, so my personal opinion is that it is not a problem to download key every 3 months, even if you have dial-up. It's just few bytes. I mean, it is really not in my interest to infect people with some spyware or such. My intentions were good and if I want my programs to be popular (which I do), spyware is not a way to go. If you go to site where programs are hosted (http://www.smallsimplesoftware.com), you will see that SP (and SI) got quite a few awards from major download sites, which would indicate that it is safe. Is this explanation ok? Regarding system requirements. Programs only ask for .NET Framework 2.0, so any machine capable running framework, can run programs. They don't need anything special. Best regards, WRe
  6. No it's not spyware. Why do you ask? If you are suspicious, check download/upload of program. It just downloads key when it is about to expire.
  7. If you don't need advanced features, I would recommend CDBurnerXP Pro in combination with MagicDisc for mounting and burning images. Both are lite and don't install whole bunch of unwanted software. CDBurnerXP Pro: http://www.cdburnerxp.se/ MagicDisc: http://www.magicdisc.net/setup_magicdisc.exe
  8. Hello there, I created two little proggies and wanted to share it with you. You can test it, flame it, use it.. First proggie is SimplePasswords, for managing your passwords for FTP, WEB, Mail, whatever. Here's official description: "Tired of forgetting passwords for your favorite sites, mails, FTP accounts? Here is one for you, SimplePasswords, a simple password manager. Now you can organize all your passwords into categories, add notes and carry it on your USB stick. SimplePasswords encrypts all data with TripleDES block cipher so you don't need to worry about anyone seeing your data." The other is SimpleIndexing, for indexing your files so you could easily manipulate them (e.g. instant find for audio/video, drag/drop to ehatever proggie - winamp, MPC, word, copy/pase to windows). Description: "Your mp3 collection is too big to search over and over looking for your favorite song? Have tons of unorganized downloads, music or documents? Why not index your files so you could know exactly where your files are. SimpleIndexing will happily do that for you. SimpleIndexing is your small program for managing files. Easy to use, very user-friendly and simple. It supports drag/drop so you can copy/move/enqueue files directly from SimpleIndexing to any other program supporting drag/drop like winamp or your favorite video player." They can be found and downloaded here: http://www.smallsimplesoftware.com Enjoy..

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