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  1. AH-HAH my bugmenot a** has found it DON'T DISABLE SOFTWARE LICENSING, SL UI Notification, and Ready boost Their needed for CP and flip 3d YEAAA
  2. Wonderful, that changed the document from 209 pages to 76 Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have a huge document which is line breaked annoyingly like this so every line just gets a couple of words because it was copied from a .pdf document, Is there some ways I can select all and remove all line breaks so I get full lenght lines like this? Thanks guys! I would really appriciete an answer \Jessica
  4. Addon #1 = www.wpiw.net/downloads/Kels_Visual_Styles_addon_part1.CAB Size - 26.4 megs MD5Hash = 2C6956FCBA79A8DB1A19C7B78AB08B12 Addon #2 = www.wpiw.net/downloads/Kels_Visual_Styles_addon_part2.CAB Size - 26.6 megs MD5Hash = D9DDD0B3E24422A44D822205A7391C0D Addon #3 = www.wpiw.net/downloads/Kels_Visual_Styles_addon_part3.CAB
  5. I have this exact same problem, have not used Vlite at all. Something to do with services I know for sure cp DOESN'T open
  6. Thx for the reply. After reinstalling windows didn't solve the problem, I recognized that the problem occured after I have set the vlite temp directory on the network drive of vmware (which read/write permission). So I had the following configuration: Y:\vlite (directory where vlite should copy the vista files from cd to) Y:\vlite temp (the directory of the vlite temp files) (Y: being the network drive of vmware of course) After I set the temp direcotry to "c:\temp" the error disappeared. I first set the temp dir on the network drive, because I thought the space on the vmware partition could not be enough. Meanwhile I have a well running vista home premium which only needs 3.73gig. Good work! Hopefully this information helps you to solve the problem.
  7. Hello reader, I get the following error message after I select the vista install files in the first window. (Rebooting doesn't change anything.) I use vLite in a vmware windows xp machine. The vista files are on my hdd and are shared with "Shared Folders" option of vmware (with write permission). I have not found any solution for the problem with this error code yet. Maybe I am the first to report it. What is the exact error reason behind this code number and how to solve it?
  8. Bump, could really use some help, if I don't install this I'm done with computers forever Here is the config"
  9. First time this has happened, I used my original XP x64 SP1 CD, slipped SP2 into it and used the same type of tweaks I use everytime, removing useless components such as briefcase, Outlook, and the like. After I installed it, all I had on the computer was Paint, secruty Center, Notepad and communication manager.... All the rest we're gone, I don't understand what happened. No internet explorer, nothing. How can I tell what went wrong
  10. I couldn't find any. I'll take a look if I can find any way to extract the files easily. Its fairly rare and seems to target asian audience: http://www.liberalsoft.com/download/liberalinstaller/lbist130.exe Ok, I follow. So you need to allow PEiD to change some settings. It isn't changing back the proper shell extension, plugins path folder and scan mode. What are the settings that uni extract needs and are they fixed? Or do they vary from installer to installer. If they are fixed, PEiD could most likely be patched to bypass reading the registry entry for PEiD and use the settings you want it to use. However, if Uni Extract can backup then replace that would be more ideal. Also, UPX has released v3.0: http://upx.sourceforge.net/download/upx300w.zip
  11. Another annoyance is if you already have a copy of PEiD else where and you run Uni Extract, it's copy of PEiD will overwrite the settings of your other one. The reason this happens is because everytime an instance of PEiD closes it will update the registry settings regardless if any changes have been made. This gets quite annoying if you have shell extensions registered since you then got to open your original copy each time you use Uni Extract. Here is an inline patched version of latest PEiD, one Uni Extract uses, that stops PEiD from saving settings in registry on exit. Since none of the settings matter for use with Uni Extract, there is no loss in doing this. http://rapidshare.com/files/28789654/uni-e...d.PEiD.rar.html Patched data: 0047A526 . /EB 7B JMP SHORT PEiD.0047A5A3 0047A5A3 > \C705 80B14300 B001C390 MOV DWORD PTR DS:[43B180],90C301B0 0047A5AD .- E9 1A03FEFF JMP PEiD.0045A8CC
  12. @cyberloner: It works if you snag the latest of innounp which is what uni extract uses. I tested it with a 5.10 installer that it works fine. The innoup component of uni extract just needs to be updated in the next release. http://innounp.sourceforge.net/ Also, here is a packer not yet supported: LiberalInstaller: http://www.liberalsoft.com/
  13. I am trying to install the nVidia PureVideo software on a set of computers that have Windows XP Profession N (N is the version that ships without Windows Media Player). I do not want to install Windows Media Player on these computers. However when trying to install the software on a machine that does not have Windows Media Player it blocks the installation. I know for a fact you can use this software's filters without WMP. Does anyone know how I can get around this? I tried looking in the setup.ini and setup.iss for an option to remove the check but there is none. I also cannot get into the 2 data .cabs, or the setup .inx and .ibt One can get the software here if they wanna take a stab at it: http://www.nvidia.com/object/dvd_decoder_1.02-223-trial.html Any help would be appreciated.

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