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    vLite is dead?

    If we only had some kind of statement from the author of vLite, like for example: "New version with the support of Windows 7 is in the works..." or something like that, my life would become much brighter :-(
  2. Hello everyone :-) Mats, what do You mean by that? Does this "trick" decrease the overall performance of the system and applications? I'd like to know how to enable this in Windows 7 beta. I'm just curious - as BoardBabe said earlier - just "for educational use ONLY". Recently, when I was testing many Windows "tweaking" programs, I found one (which name I can't remember right now...) that had an option to "force" 32-bit Vista to see the memory above 4 GB. So maybe there is any registry hack, that would make it happen. Now I'm using 64-bit version of Win 7 beta (build 7000), but I'd like to install 32-bit version of the build 7022 and enable the option, which would allow the system to take advantage of all my memory. Just for my curiosity. Any help on how to do that (step by step) would be appreciated. Greetings.
  3. LegoLiam™, that's the one I was talking about. Thank You very much! I have the latest vLite and used it to slipstream. It just worked without any glitches, but I think that some Vista components I removed are needed for installing the updates properly. Thanks once again.
  4. Hi guys. As the title of this topic says - I'd love to see that list again. There was a topic (some time ago) in which all the errors that came during installing Vista SP1 RC's on a vLited Vista, were specified and written down by the forumers. Although I search for that topic, I couldn't just find it Now I have slipstreamed original OEM version of Windows Vista Home Premium Polish with SP1 final (slipstreaming worked great and fast - great job nuhi). I just removed the main and big components, that were quite safe to remove, but I'm experiencing several errors during the manual Windows Update... As I remember Vista didn't like the System Restore function to be removed, but I removed this on my slipstreamed copy, so maybe lack of this function and a few others generates such errors @ WU... Hope someone will help me in finding the topic I'm looking for. Thanks in advance. /Paul

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