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    Resolved! I took a bit of each of your advice, georg and Eidenk, and the problem was solved. I checked and found out that (as Eidenk suggested) the WMICORE.DLL file I downloaded was for another version of Windows. Then I extracted the WMICORE file from the Win98_44.cab and pasted it into the system folder and rebooted my laptop twice (just to make sure). The message no longer shows up. Thank you both so much.

    Eidenk, that's a good question. Good question. After reading that question I checked the properties of this WMI file. It is for Windows 2000, not Windows 98SE. Also, my laptop is a Toshiba Tecra 8000 if that makes any difference. I think I will do what you suggest and poke around more to see what program could be using this file. And georg, thank you. If I can't find the program I will go into one of those cabs, copy it and place it in the system folder to see if that makes a difference.

    Thanks georg. Eidenk, I don't know what its being used for. I just know that at start up, a message was appearing. The message said the required file was missing in startup. When I downloaded the WMI file and placed it in the Windows system folder, another message began to come up. This other message says the WMI file is linked to missing NTDLL.DLLRtIEnterCritical(?). I am baffled. There must be a program on my laptop (in start up) that requires it but I cannot figure out what program.

    I downloaded this file to fix an error on my laptop. What program is associated with this file and in what folder does this file go?