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  1. Thanks, that confirms my thoughts. Anyone have any experience with the SBS 2003 R2 Transition pack? Any good sources to read up on it? I'm searching and not finding too much. The last time I upgraded anyone off of SBS2003 it was during a buying and a move to a new domain as well so it was easy enough to build a new network/domain side by side the do a big swap over over the weekend.
  2. Company is on SBS 2003 right now and just added a couple new database servers that integrate heavily with Exchange. at50 users they are already pushing SBS but not interested in the big swap to dedicated boxes, just exchange. I don't work with SBS much for scalability reason but I'm wondering if its possible to put a 2007 or 2003 Exchange server on their network and move exchange functionality to it instead of the SBS server. Is there going to be any problem with the SBS server?

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