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  1. Dreampack PL, this tool is brilliant in my opinion. Testdisk also deserves attention. I'm surprised that you use just a few tools when there are many good freeware applications.
  2. You're the man, now it's working . Thank you very much for your help No, I don't want ot use it because it's obviously too bloated, i will create my own, i just use it for testing purposes.
  3. It appears that it cannot find the bootdrive and of course no dos program is launched. Here is the output: The same output if I use dosubcd.igz from ultimate boot cd. Only if i boot ultimate boot cd and run fprot for example, then it's working. I use virtual pc and vmware, the same output. isolinux command: LABEL bartpe MENU LABEL 1 test KERNEL /boot/isolinux/memdisk APPEND initrd=fdubcd.img setup=amset There is an amset folder in dosapps folder. Basically i have in root of my cd the following folders: boot-->isolinux (fdubcd and all config files) and dosapps -->amset (with startup.bat and amset files). I injected in fdubcd.img your startup.bat in "bin "folder and then modify autorun3.bat to run startup.bat at the end. I've tried with this code to find the bootdrive but it's the same thing, it cannot find the bootdrvive: @echo off SET BOOTDRV= ECHO %COMSPEC% ¦ CHOICE /C:ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ > NUL IF ERRORLEVEL 1 SET BOOTDRV=A IF ERRORLEVEL 2 SET BOOTDRV=B IF ERRORLEVEL 3 SET BOOTDRV=C IF ERRORLEVEL 4 SET BOOTDRV=D IF ERRORLEVEL 5 SET BOOTDRV=E IF ERRORLEVEL 6 SET BOOTDRV=F IF ERRORLEVEL 7 SET BOOTDRV=G IF ERRORLEVEL 8 SET BOOTDRV=H IF ERRORLEVEL 9 SET BOOTDRV=I IF ERRORLEVEL 10 SET BOOTDRV=J IF ERRORLEVEL 11 SET BOOTDRV=K IF ERRORLEVEL 12 SET BOOTDRV=L IF ERRORLEVEL 13 SET BOOTDRV=M IF ERRORLEVEL 14 SET BOOTDRV=N IF ERRORLEVEL 15 SET BOOTDRV=O IF ERRORLEVEL 16 SET BOOTDRV=P IF ERRORLEVEL 17 SET BOOTDRV=Q IF ERRORLEVEL 18 SET BOOTDRV=R IF ERRORLEVEL 19 SET BOOTDRV=S IF ERRORLEVEL 20 SET BOOTDRV=T IF ERRORLEVEL 21 SET BOOTDRV=U IF ERRORLEVEL 22 SET BOOTDRV=V IF ERRORLEVEL 23 SET BOOTDRV=W IF ERRORLEVEL 24 SET BOOTDRV=X IF ERRORLEVEL 25 SET BOOTDRV=Y IF ERRORLEVEL 26 SET BOOTDRV=Z IF "%BOOTDRV%"=="" ECHO Error checking boot drive IF NOT "%BOOTDRV%"=="" ECHO Boot drive is %BOOTDRV%
  4. Thank you, I will try but i cannot find nwdsk 3.42 anywhere.
  5. I use the last version (still in development but i have no problems) 3.50 pre5 from here http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/boot/syslinux/Testing/. TEXT HELP feature it is explained in readme.menu. Ok, but from where to start ? It is enogh to use this tutorial http://www.veder.com/nwdsk/ ? The problem is not creating nwdsk but getting parameters passed to floppy images. I don't know if it is necessarry to build my own nwdsk because to get parameters passed to floppy image they used bcdw.com and a batch file. But it seems that it doesn't work either, bcdw.com always returning 1. kof94 did you manage to get parameters passed to floppy image ? Maybe some hints, something ?
  6. How can I add parameters to memdisk ? Here is what i've did: Create a folder called dosapps in superdisk/boot/isolinux and put amset folder (maxtor drives tool) in it with all the files. Something like this: superdisk ---boot ----isolinux ---dosapps --amset Create a batch file (startup.bat) in amset folder with the following content: cls cd \dosapps\amset amset Copy dosubcd.igz from ultimate boot cd to isolinux folder Run image like this: LABEL bartpe TEXT HELP test example ENDTEXT MENU LABEL 1 test KERNEL /boot/isolinux/memdisk APPEND initrd=dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=amset But it doesn't work although dosubcd.igz is booting: Any ideas?
  7. I have some problems booting .iso's with isolinux. I know that not all .iso image can be booted but I've tried some of them with bcdw and works fine. How can I boot an .iso with isolinux ? Or can I use it together with bcdw somehow?
  8. I have one question, it is possible to display help information when I select a menu item ? Edit: Solved, I was using an older version.
  9. I don't know why but now is working. The folder structure is something like this: superdisk ---boot ----isolinux The isolinux.cfg: DEFAULT /boot/isolinux/vesamenu.c32 PROMPT 0 TIMEOUT 300 TOTALTIMEOUT 450 #### MENU BACKGROUND /boot/isolinux/splash.png MENU TITLE Super-Disc ** 09Mar07 Edition #### #### The 1st byte of the fgnd color is brightness. #### blue MENU COLOR title 1;36;44 #ff0000ff #00000000 std #### blue MENU COLOR unsel 37;44 #ff0000ff #00000000 std #### white MENU COLOR sel 7;37;40 #c0ffffff #ff000000 std #### red MENU COLOR hotkey 1;37;44 #ffff0000 #00000000 std #### green MENU COLOR hotsel 1;7;37;40 #ff00ff00 #ff000000 all #### LABEL test MENU LABEL ^Dban KERNEL /boot/isolinux/dban.ima APPEND initrd=dban.ima In isolinux folder there are all the files and some image file for testing. I use cdimage gui for iso creation and now is working fine. I have to use some special parameters with cdimage for iso creation or not ? I just choose root as "superdisk" folder and isolinux.bin as the boot image then start image creation without any other settings. Thank you jetman and kof94 for your help, without you I think I couldn't have done it. When I get stuck somewhere I will ask for help.
  10. I don't know what's the problem, it just don't work in graphical mode. It works ok only in text mode.
  11. it's the same thing but if I change it to something like that it works (instead of default vesamenu.c32 i change it to default test): DEFAULT test PROMPT 0 TIMEOUT 300 MENU BACKGROUND splash.png MENU TITLE Test MENU COLOR title 1;36;44 #ff0000ff #00000000 std MENU COLOR unsel 37;44 #ff0000ff #00000000 std MENU COLOR sel 7;37;40 #c0ffffff #ff000000 std MENU COLOR hotkey 1;37;44 #ffff0000 #00000000 std MENU COLOR hotsel 1;7;37;40 #ff00ff00 #ff000000 all LABEL test MENU LABEL ^test KERNEL memdisk APPEND initrd=setup98.img setup98.img is booted directly so the menu is ok I guess. I think I am missing something here.
  12. This is isolinux.cfg file: DEFAULT /vesamenu.c32 PROMPT 1 TIMEOUT 300 MENU BACKGROUND /splash.png MENU TITLE Test MENU COLOR title 1;36;44 #ff0000ff #00000000 std MENU COLOR unsel 37;44 #ff0000ff #00000000 std MENU COLOR sel 7;37;40 #c0ffffff #ff000000 std MENU COLOR hotkey 1;37;44 #ffff0000 #00000000 std MENU COLOR hotsel 1;7;37;40 #ff00ff00 #ff000000 all LABEL test MENU LABEL ^test KERNEL memdisk APPEND initrd=setup98.img This is iso file: This is the isolinux folder: and this is the cmd file for building the iso: @ECHO OFF ECHO Starting @ (%TIME%) .... SET _VNBR_=01 SET _ROOT_=C:\pebuilder3110a\plugin SET CDTITLE="SUPERDISC-%_VNBR_%" SET CDFILENAME="%_ROOT_%%CDTITLE%.ISO" C:\pebuilder3110a\mkisofs.exe -N -V %CDTITLE% -b isolinux.bin -d -iso-level 4 -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -o "c:\pebuilder.iso" "C:\pebuilder3110a\plugin\isolinux" I don't understand why it's not working, everything is booting fine but when I try to run "test" item , nothing. There are no other configuration files that could interfere so..
  13. There is nothing really special here, I just create an isolinux plugin for pebuilder. I boot also straight to isolinux there is absolutely no difference, except the two other folders which don't mater.
  14. Below is the complete isolinux folder used as a pebuilder plugin. From the archive is missing setup98.img and splash.png image. With mkisofs4isolinux.cmd I make the iso image after i build it with pebuilder. Everything is working fine, isolinux graphical interface is booting, but when i select "Test" and press "enter" nothing happen isolinux.rar Here is what's inside pebuilder.iso after iso creation: So I don't understand why setup98.img is not launching because everything seems to be ok.
  15. This is driving me crazy I just couldn't boot anything. All my files and images are in ISOLINUX folder. I try it to boot like that: LABEL sysresccd2 MENU LABEL ^2 Docmem KERNEL /isolinux/memdisk APPEND initrd=/isolinux/docmem.img If i don't use graphical user interface, just text, is working fine but when I add vesamenu.c32 and chain.c32 to have a graphical interface it's just not working anymore, nothing happen when I want to run it. What i'm doing wrong here because it's clear that all the files are in the right place ?
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