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  1. Custom Windows "User Path"

    excatly thz wt im on about (y)
  2. Custom Windows "User Path"

    Heys all! Having nLite i have noticed there is the feature in one of the options where you can set the default Documents and Settings folder to any name to any directory or path ie: D:\Users or still D:\Documents and Settings.... However for vLite, if one of the programmers/software developers have read this *crosses fingers*, can they have the same option if at all possible? This is great for any users who are persistant of having backup to their work... My real OEM XP MCE did set it up for D:\Documents and Settings, realising I never ever lost any work even when windows crashed Id set Vista up 2 the same drive with D:\Users\[x user] Although it can be done manually and with a bit of time (changing the locations in each user file properties) it would be most useful and extermly helpful to have this option. Doing the manual way however looses the security credentials and would allow anomous and unwanted access to these manually configued folders. Samewith the Programs Files folder probably but id neva really advise anyone to change that folder directory. Im just hoping that this will be in the next beta editon or the Final version or one of the updates. Thank You for reading If it can be done or have any comment on this matter, from anyone... Rant ahead