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  1. Using Partition Magic 8 I have had perfect success using a WD-250 My Book essential version. There is a trick to it though. First wipe out any existing partions. Next create a fat32 primary partition with a size of 120 gig (or 50%). Next create a second fat32 primary partition for the remaining 120 gigs. You do not want any extended partitions or logical drives. Once you are done Windows will read, write, defrag(oem), and scandisk(oem) each 120 gig partition without error msgs. Even Norton Utilities sees it as a clean drive. You don't need any LBA drivers or patched files. Now you can only have 2 primary partions on a single physical drive in Win98 so this doesn't work with drives larger than 250 gig without wasting a whole bunch of drive space. Hope this helps. Grizzly Bear
  2. I use NU 2000 on Windows 98Se. In order to use the utilities on a large drive >137 GB, you must build batch files and tack on the /NOLBA switch to them. ie: Start C:\Progra~1\Norton~1\Speedisk.exe /NOLBA

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