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  1. Actually I was wrong - Win10 does still use workgroups however all computers are using the same workgroup called "WORKGROUP"
  2. Thanks, I don't want to have to authenticate anything on any computer. I just want everything to see everything without logins I wish Microsoft wouldn't change things that weren't broken - used to work fine with workgroups or homegroups.
  3. Thanks, I don't think Win 10 uses homegroups or workgroups anymore - that used to work fine! All the existing (old) computers talk to each other nicely with no complicated share permissions or credentials setup - all computers including the new one just have "Everyone" in sharing permissions with full control/read/changes. It is just the new one that can see some and can't be seen by the existing ones or needs credential login I also set up Guest under credentials for all but made no difference. I haven't had to do that previously for any. You said "The way to get what you are asking is to enable Guest access" - please could you elaborate where to do this in case I have missed this somewhere Some can see drive c of the new computer but need credentials to go further Some cannot see it or be seen by it I am not worried about moving between network - our system is purely in house so full access to everything without any logins anywhere is what we want. Very frustrating! All help appreciated!
  4. Thanks MrMateczko, All PCs have password protected sharing disabled Sorry K-Mart-ian - I don't understand quite what I need to do from your post. Can you explain a little more for me? Thanks
  5. Hi I have had 3 computers running perfectly on a Win 10 network. Each computer can see and access each other perfectly with no logins etc required. But I have now added another Win10 computer but am having issues with Network Credentials being required. This new PC can see and access one of the others without any login. But for the others it is asking for a Network Credentials login in order to be able to access them. One of the existing ones can see and access the new one. The other two can see it but are requiring credentials login. How do I get rid of any credentials requirement on all computers. All are set up with full file sharing etc as far as I can see. Thanks
  6. Hi We are looking for a multi user option for email that will allow 2 or more users to access and use the same mailbox account at the same time (with or without some sort of message locking) Is this possible and what configuration do we need to achieve this? Thanks
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