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  1. Damian666, Moreover I'd like you check (but probably they are your choices): 1)icon 46 of shell32.dll, (I suggest to replace with icon 101 of explorer.exe) 2)icon 4 of wuaucpl.cpl, (I suggest to replace with 4 of wucltui.dll) 3)icon 16 (and probably 20) of msoeres.dll. Bye
  2. Hi Damian, great job, now the battery icon is OK but if you want I've better and tested BMPs... (attached) I repeat (as I've written in your guestbook) that the italian folder for "Program files" is "Programmi". Also I've translated the timedate.cpl resources (attached) so italian translation will be complete. Bye batmeter.dll.rar timedate.ita.rar
  3. First of all, I'm sorry for the following question. I've extracted the public RC using "Windows6.0-KB936330-wave1-X86.exe /x:C:\temp". Why sp1 can't be integrated?
  4. Thank you for this wonderful pack! I know that there is an incompatibility with kb925902 for XP. It's the same with win 2k? Edit: battery icon have a purple background
  5. So what is the workaround to slipstream sp1? Can I decompress windows6.0-kb936330-X86.cab and insert kb936330-neutral.cab and kb936330-langcab0.cab, kb936330-langcab1.cab, kb936330-langcab2.cab, kb936330-langcab3.cab in vLite? I want specify that i'm using italian Vista and lang files are inside langcab2. I have seen that installing sp1, all files of kb936330-langcab2.cab result installed and not other langcabs.
  6. Hey MrGalaxy. have you .cab files listed in Last Session.ini? My .cabs doesn't contain any .exe then they result integrated but not listed in Last Session.ini, is this right? Do you confirm? Thank you ZeDMaN for support, but until documentation will be avaible I have to ask for theese doubts.
  7. I have inserted .cab files from SoftwareDistribution folder but they aren't showed in my Last Session.ini. So my question is is they result integrated or not. Reply, please.
  8. You don't need re-enter product key. Your pkey should be located inside the SOURCES folder, in pid.txt or unattend.xml.
  9. Hi guys! I have a question: does Hotfixes integration only support .msu files or either .cab files from SoftwareDistribution folder?
  10. Hi, I'm an Italian SNM user. After using SNM to create .NET 2.0 with all three hotfixes (KB917283, KB922770 & KB928365) I have opened netfx2.msi. Inside i have found some strings; but 2 say that KB928365 replaces KB917283 & KB922770. So I decided to make the silent installer only with dotnetfx2.exe and NDP20-KB928365-X86.exe. Then in a fresh windows xp I installed this last dotnet2 and Windows Update doesn't ask for the two older hotfixes. I know that Microsoft Bulletin says that KB928365 doesn't replace other patches, but it seems that replaces theese two (and probably many other minor updates). So I would ask if somebody knows more about this question. Thanks Tomcat76 for your great script

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