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  1. Some avis are bigger, not only those in shell32, and I think It's simpler for XP manage a dll smaller than bigger, the quality appears the same.

    For instance, cscui is a dll about 400 KB in size and VP puts in a 4MB AVI resource (original is 12 KB), in my opinion is shocking, if you google for it, seach for a video...

    I don't want to be annoying, but there are a lot of avi's out of here and we can replace the bigger avis with smaller, preserving the quality, and I guess it isn't a hard job, 5 minutes...

    Do you think this idea is so bad?

  2. Hi man, I edited some picture in 16 & 20 bitmaps of msoeres.dll with the original 16 colors palette

    If you'll include my dark logon, be sure to keep last updated attach, because of an updating due to a palette bug ( according to windows first color of a palette should be black, RGB = (0,0,0) )


  3. Well!

    Another problematic question: logon screen, I know that there are some bugs with this in the pack. Do you want change it? I've created this:


    It's fully functional, like Xp one. If you like I'll give you the resources.

  4. Hi Damian and all vistapack users,

    I have had an issue, but this is only for knowledge.

    I've installed AutoIt but I get a Windows error message when I start the editor (and other autoit tools).

    Error advises there is a problem with comctl32.dll so then I replaced that file and now everything is OK. Bye

  5. I'm on XP and I've tested the attached batmeter.dll and the bmps are better that those in the pack.

    Msoeres.dll: 16 bit colors but without a purple background, please!

    P.S. Another little thing: Winntbbu background is too "white" so the text during setup is unreadable.

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