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  1. jaclaz, Thanks for the tip Well, I actually took note of the posting dates. But, considering that this thread scored quite high on my Google search, I bet someone else out there could use some help, like I did. Just paying it forward.. hehehe..
  2. Ahaha that's funny .. Interrupting the setup process just to have D: formatted. I recently had this problem this weekend. And now I know what's causing it. My two cents, if you do not want to interrupt setup: 1. I assume you want to use C: for Windows and D: for your data. 2. After partitioning your hard drive, this leaves all your partitions unformatted. 3. Using the original XP CD, install Windows into C: and actually finish the whole process. 4. Then when you can actually get into Windows, format D: using Explorer. 5. This time, using your nLite XP CD (which sets ProfilesDir = D:\Documents and Settings), reinstall Windows into C:. Drive D: will have been already formatted, so Setup shouldn't have problems writing to D: for your Profile folders. I'm quite confident that this works. It's what I'll be doing next time I'm doing general cleaning for my PC
  3. Thanks everyone. I used nLite instead and reinstalled my XP. It was a new system anyway, so there wasn't much data clutter involved. Thanks again! Case resolved
  4. hmm.. do you think it's still possible to do that even after installation?
  5. Hi! I just would like to ask. Is there a way to transfer user folders from "Documents and Settings" to a different location? Like, I want all user-related data (application settings, documents, etc.) to be transferred to a different location. I already know about changing the My Documents path, but it only works for My Documents, right? What I want is to change the path for all user-related data. I have WinXP installed on one partition, and I want my user data to be on another partition. Thanks for your help!
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