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  1. I have "Windows XP Pro Dell OEM" CD that I have that I am trying to update. From what I read you can not use nlite or RyanVMs to slipstream Dell OEM cds. I was thinking that I will just use the T12 (SVCPACK.inf) method to install SP2 and Hotfixes.On the hotfix list by the_guy I need to install IE7, WMP11, and Messenger before I install the files from that list. I have 3 questions that deal with this... 1) Can I use the T12 method to install them after SP2 but before the hotfixes? 2)When I install the hotfixes do I install them in the order that is on the_guy's list or in the order that MS released the said hotfix? 3)My last question could I use the T12 method to install "system files" like the .net1.1, .net2, dx9.0c, and the like?
  2. June 25 I start school for business Information Technology the only reason that I am taking that and not business Administration / Networking Technology is I know nothing about protocols. If I get to studying now I can change majors before my second quarter, but I have to pass a test on all kinds of network and internet protocols. Does anyone know a really great site or two that can help me with HTTP TPC/IP DHCP.....what ever...lol...you see how much I know now. I need some help Thanks for your time
  3. My work uses W2K Pro and I am trying to slipstream driver packs and hotfixes into a copy of Windows. No matter that I do I can not get it nlite to work right. Here is what I am doing. 1) open nlite 2) pick the copy of Windows 2000 Pro that is in the harddrive 3) pick a folder to save the files to on my HD 4) pick my option that I want to do (make just and iso image) 5) open the iso file with UltraISO and burn it to my CD-RW after deleting the CD 6) put CD in test computer and install windows After I reformat the HD and it is copying files it tells me "Setup cannot copy file...." and if I skip that file there must be around 1000 files that it can not copy. I do not know what it going on it is not the test computer because I can install W2K from the normal CD just fine. I know that they like you to use a Gold edition of windows but all we have at work is Windows 2000 Pro SP4 I have not seen anyplace that say that nlite would not work if it was not Gold. I know that it is not the "Duel layer DVD/CD-RW" burner unless both that I tested are bad, but they are new one of them just came out of the box... Any ideas about what this could be? I find it odd that even when I do not make any changes to any files it does not work....
  4. I was thinking windows really could be packed better so that it did not take up so much room. Has anyone ever done or heard of someone "unpacking" then "repacking" Windows in their own installer? If so do you have any links that I might find interesting that would time into this topic?
  5. OK thank you for the information people...
  6. I have read two guides so far and I can not find you how to use nlite for program add-ons...ex "ccleaner". Are add-ons "integrated" using the "run once" tab?
  7. On the case the only number I see is "MT-M 8305-61U" and that is on a sticker. The case is a desktop PC (not a tower) and it does not have a built in monitor. The CPU is a Pentium 4. Man I hate W2K....I am working on getting the driverpacks slipstreamed into your windows that we use so I do not have this trouble...
  8. I just installed W2K on a computer that has an IBM rev 1.2 MOBO and I can not for the life of me find out what graphics driver I need for this mobo. Any links would be great.... IBM Netvista 2.58GHz 512RAM Windows 2000 pro SP4
  9. Nope this test computer has one 40GB IDE Hard drive. I can install W2K on it without any problems at all, thus impling that I did something wrong when slip streaming....but what...
  10. I am taking a copy of the Windows 2000 Student edition that we use at work adding some basic items to it. I am using Nlite and WPI to get most of the work done, but I am having some trouble. Here is a list of what I am doing to the windows. Adding - SP5 "HotStream" Info about Hotstream Download Hotstream Adding - Drivers (all 10 driver packs) Info about driver packs Download driver packs Adding .NET 1.1 .NET 2.0 and JRE (using WIP to install them) Download all three here Subtracting - all languages and keyboards that are not English I am using these links to help me step by step... Nlite Help Driverpacks Help WPI Help When I burn the ISO file with MagicISO then goto boot from disk is where I get a problem. It starts to boot from the disk and loads the drivers that are needed after that I get the BSD (blue screen of death) it tells me " Inaccessable Boot Device" telling me to scan disk, virus check, ect... Does anyone know what part of my process is flawed? Is it adding the SP5, drivers, or WPI? I have no clue of where to even start with this...since I am here is there a better way to include the DotNETs and JRE I would like Windows to install them and not a 3rd party program.
  11. Yeah I know that it is not that hard to get it set up right, it is just not part of my job. To tell the truth I do not want nor need that added to my job list. I am the web designer, gfx artist and now the "tech" guy....man I just want to design....
  12. I have been reading up from This site and it looks like that site might have what I need I just need to get on that site and ask... thanks man
  13. You should take a look at WPI, it is really a great tool and not the hard to learn how to use. http://wpiw.net/home.html
  14. Hello, I have a question that I really do not know how to best explain... At my work place they still use Windows 2000 since the network admin can not get the network to work right with XP. Since he is a volunteer I just got stuck with the job of setting up any and all "new" computers. The problem comes when I install Windows 2000 it does not have the same driver support like XP does. That means that I have to first find then download all the right drivers. After two computers that is getting very old.... I was wondering if there is some large driver pack that I could download then slipstream into Windows 2000 (using nlite) that would make it so when I install 2000 it would "find" the right driver with out the user having to pick the drivers that he needed. That is how it seems that XP does it....or could I Just take some of the files from a XP disk that we have at work and "add" them to the files in the 2000 setup. Any links that would give me information about any of this all would be great. I do not need any help on slipstreaming hotfixes or the like just on how to make 2000 driver system work more like XPs does...

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