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  1. After wasting a month trying to install w2k on my computer I'm pretty sure that it cannot be done without some hacking of installation files so my last question is: Does somebody know is ist possible to swap win2k partition manager* file(s) (in text mode setup) to ie. winxp version? Which files to replace? (or maybe which ones are partition/drive manager* during setup process) * I dont remember extactly how it is named but it is named similar btw it is possible to install it in AHCI disk mode but there is an error while soft reboot - after hitting restart in shutdown windows closes itself normally but after bios informations (when choose system dialog should appear) "error loading os..." (or something like that) message is displayed, after hiting reset button on computer case windows starts normally if that error can be fixed somehow it would be even better solution for my problem sorry for double posting
  2. i'm pretty sure that cables are ok. like i said before - windows xp installs correctly, without any errors it must be something with sata drivers in text mode but i dont know what (i've checked all provided by mobo manufacturer and still without results)
  3. ok i try to download this file(s) but does it will work with nonenglish ver of windows? (btw after a few addons to my slipstreamed cd i see correct size of partitions but its still "damaged or unformated") - stupid question - of course it will not work :/ I really dont know what to do now
  4. at the begining - sorry for my english i'm trying to install win 2k on newly bought machine and every time strange behaviour occurs Installer shows all available partitions with corect sizes but with message saying "damaged or unformated" If I format one of them installation continues and after computer restart it starts looping continously with one difference - it shows only one unformated partition with incorect size (aprox 137gb) I know how to deal with the size but even after i format this partition with default settings installator still loops. I've readed all topic about slipstreaming sata/raid drivers but even my "full" version of w2k with slipstreamed sp4, all post sp4 fixes, updates and mobo drivers cannot perform install. Even F6 procedure during installation with different drivers not helped (i know its almost the same thing but i've run out of cd's while checking all solutions that i've found on this forum ) I've also tried messing with bios settings (sata configuration compatible/enhanced-ahci/ide) and its not helping The funny thing is that standard winxp (without any fixes or sp) sees the partitions almost normally and installs itself without any problems (137gb issue can be solved after installation) here are a few details about hardware mobo: asus p5b deluxe with p965/ich8r chipset (intel matrix storage) and jmicron jmb363 controller hdd: seagate st3300602as (barracuda 7200.10 300gb) I know that the simplest way is migrate to xp but i truly hate that os and I wish there was a way to keep w2k on newer machine. any ideas what to do?