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  1. oh well im not from there so i dont know...but i can bet theres nothing worst than latin american prison lol! oh what i can know about it never being there hehehe but well about this game...i could be based on true stuff but is still a not good game... i would play better zoo tycoon... what i dont like about tycoon games is that they get just rutine all over...always the same wait for the end of the year then you see...if you got the money or if you lost even your socks same as sin city, the sims, zoo tycoon, car tycoon, transport tycoon, mall tycoon, beer tycoon and so on...but i can tell they are quite funny on a time but after that lets move over another tycoon game hehehe ye ye im a fan..of those little tycoon games anybody can suggest one?
  2. What about an open-source game with a zest of "tycoon" in it ? « Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe » from openttd.org btw, "prison tycoon"... don't know of this game, but you should be at least strange-minded to find "enjoyment" in such a thing Oh well i can assume thats me LOL btw im new arround here, i just saw this post and couldn´t handle it hahahahha i´m just playing prison tycoon right now, quite true i would not pay such a price for a game that bad hahaha but is quite funny if you like to build stuff and manage hehehehehhe, btw i was just surfing the net and a way to control the camera is by pressing the CTRL key and then move your mouse arround to the place you want. I had to use the cheats to speed up the game, and just when the year is end my game crashes, hahahahah at least i didn´t pay for it but my friend did... see ya arround i hope that clue help you to move the cam arround

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