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    Indexing Service

    Thanks Avien! I have removed the Task scheduler also, so I guess this is the maximum I can do!
  2. Scheid

    Indexing Service

    I have created a very lite Vista and I am testing it on a virtual PC. It seems vlite removed the "Indexing Options" in the Control Panel. Is it because I removed Windows search in vLite?? I don't know but anyway I wanted to remove it so that's fine. However when I check the properties of my drives, Vista still checks the mark "Index this drive for faster searching"!!?? When I want to uncheck it I get errors on some of the files: Ignore All > it finishes OK and the box is unchecked. I also looked at the services and the "Indexing Service" has disapeared in Vista (even in full install)! So I can't disable it... (same as the CD/DVD burning service ><) Anyone knows if what I did is enough to remove the indexing of the system? Any comment is welcome! Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! First things first: Thanks Nuhi for your fantastic work on nLite and vLite! I just made a lite Vista and it seems (on my virtual PC) that Outlook 2007 is working perfectly fine even though I removed the Windows Mail component from the disk. Anyone else confirm this?

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