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  1. Windows Updates

    Mim0 many thanks for the update. In fact, kept them both. Windows Messenger 5.1 and WLM 2009/14 and both of them seem to work fine Greets
  2. Windows Updates

    Hi TommyP, Mim0 and guys just a note that the messenger.msi link is dead. KB899283 exists but the download link is bogus ATM. Tried though to slipstream the latest wlm that I pulled from a full WLE installation. I'm doing some tests on a VM but this seems to work OK. I've put it in \HFGUIRUNONCE same as before but in contrast to the plain old Windows Messenger requires more stuff, namely: messenger.msi (Windows Live Messenger 2009 14.0.8089.726) Contacts.msi (windows Live Contacts) dw20shared.msi (MS Application Error Reporting) crt.msi (MS Visual C Runtime) A patch is also needed to fix an issue with DBCS for WLM 14.0. It's KB961503 -> \HF Also, since Messenger 5.1 seems out of reach, KB946648 is no longer obsolete and Messenger 4.7 is still operational besides WLM Greets
  3. Vista putting a dent in 98 userbase?

    Don't mean nothing!! As long as I have hardware able to run 98, I'l keep 98 (and I hove some spare parts stacked just in case...) in order to use software that only 98 may handle. Just as I will keep using Win2K NO MATTER WHAT!!! Just as I will keep my XP even beyond the end-of-support. I will NOT switch to Vista. (period!!). And even when they are unsafe to use on the net, I will still keep them because I have the remedy, tried and tested 100%: A Puppy Linux liveCD running 100% on RAM on a diskless machine and behind 2 firewalls (router+software). *N*X viruses are a rarity and in the event that something happens, the only thing you have to do is press the RESET button. I am not writing this to badmouth Windows. It is THE absolute necessity. You can use even the most unpatched and at-risk version of Windows; Just disconnect your disk (e.g. via a removable tray...), pop-in the LiveCD, reboot and you are fortified!!!