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  1. Stupid me: indeed, only "Read" is present in Share permissions. And I even not throw a glance there because thought that It's some OS's problem Thanks for Your help.
  2. It's a workgroup. You mean "can I log-in to the server and change permissions there"? -- Then no -- I have no admin. rights on the server. But when I'm going to the Security tab of some folder (I'm doing this locally) from those shares -- I can see my user there with full permissions.
  3. Greetings, Recently I’ve changed Windows Vista on the Windows 7. It was clean install. And one strange problem appeared: I can’t have write access on the local server’s (Windows Server 2008 R2) SMB shares. I’m logging-in with the same credentials as in Vista on the same shares. But now I can’t create Folder on the share nor copy file there… Can anyone help me with this problem? Best regards...
  4. Greetings... I have some strange problem with VPN connection "sharing" amongst users of My PC: currently active connection stops in few minutes after "switch user"ing. And I can't "redial" it under that user becouse there is no such connection in "Connect To" or in "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections"... As I can remember -- there wasn't such problem in My old XP... Best regards...
  5. browney595, do You mean this (Clipboard01.jpg) login page (it appears before any connection actually made), or "vista's login page"? -- I've recently found vista's image and it has the same problem...
  6. browney595, this is absolutely strange... It's looks like the problem is somewhere in channels... But is it possible? cluberti, ultimate.
  7. What is more interesting: I've tried computer, connected to the same provider as mine. And connection was successful...
  8. Attached. Also I've tried to connect from different computer -- result was the same. So, looks like, problem not in the clients/client channels... hunt.rar
  9. Another problem appeared (now I'm connecting from My work PC). During connection RD Client (I've installed latest (6.1) version) says that it can't identify remote computer (screenshot 1). But if I pressing "Yes" to proceed -- it tryes to connect and shows error that there was some problems with encryption (screenshot 2)...
  10. Thanks a lot -- it works now. And (that's funny) when I've returned 3389 in PortNumber -- it started to work as it should...
  11. It's strange -- there is only IPv6 listener: TCP [::]:3389 hunt:0 LISTENING
  12. I've double checked My firewall... I think that the problem is that My "Terminal Services" not listens 3389 port. But how to make it listen?..
  13. I'm accessing it by hostname. I've installed port forwarding utility (PJS PassPort) so it gives the same "from" address as My machine has. When I'm trying to connect from My work PC I'm having the same results ("error 1" when I'm connecting directly and "error 2" when I'm connecting through forwarder).
  14. It's the nearest "computer" that I have And (IMHO) it's easier to make some configurations locally... But originally I'm planning to use it from work.
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