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  1. Heres another list as well. http://www.winaddons.com/nlite-addons
  2. Oh thanks, sorry i do try and search, but its hard when you have to search the entire forum, not just the 'nlite' sub forum. Edit: found the search subforum section
  3. Murty

    Bunch of questions

    Hey guys, Im playing around with nlite, and after my first installation, i have a whole bunch of questions about configurations and what not. If you can answer some and not others that would still be greatly appreciated. Thanks 1) How can the 'Log off' button be displayed for the classic start menu by default? 2) How can i change the default account that is first logged on with? 3) How can the 'Quick Launch' icons be enabled in the taskbar by default? 4) How can 'Folders' be displayed in explorer by default? 5) How can 'Offline Files' be disabled by default? 6) How can 'Obtain Automatically' setting be default for the network connections? Thanks a bunch! Murty
  4. What would be the chance of getting this updated to adobe reader 8?
  5. Murty

    Windows Updates

    Hey guys, I'm new to this nlite application, but im slowly getting my head around it. Just a quick question, how can i make it so all the latest windows updates, patches, hotfixes etc are installed with the rest of it? Also how can i have (i think its called) 'windows installer 3.1' installed as well? Cheers Murty
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